Review Revue: ABC – The Lexicon of Love

There are moments in the history of any non-commercial radio station that call into question its identity and purpose. What kind of music does it play? What genres are appropriate? Who is it its audience and what do the want to hear? What should they hear? A shift in staffing, a modification of programming, a name change, support from prominent bigwig — these major events can force such an organization to reconsider its musical mission. But who would have thought the sugar-sweet, soul-light sounds of the UK band ABC would have that effect? Debuting at the peak of their fame with with The Lexicon of Love in 1982, the so-called “New Romantics” ABC pit DJ against DJ at KCMU. You can tell this is a heated debate by all of the exclamation points:

This one is perched on the edge between “new wave” and disco… proceed at your own risk.

Precariously perched.

This is horrible worthless trash that isn’t worth the vinyl it’s printed on!

I’d say that’s a little harsh.

This is very good dance music — lots & lots of requests for “Look of Love” — should be in a heavier rotation bin — GREAT MUSIC.

This is a record of hot debate!

What do you mean. For one of the 1st time, I side with Rockin’ Rod!?! Killer stuff!!!

Well, I’ll say this much: it’s definitely a record alright.

I agree with Rod, this is a great disc.

I agree w/ Mike. This is grody – barf out.


I agree with Teddy. It is not to [sic] good.

We’re a new music & alternative music station and we shouldn’t play, or have in rotation, 70’s disco-junk. If this is the start of a trend, it’s sorry-city for music.

You tell ‘em!

P.S. I did a survey tonite & it’s close to 10-1 against this album. No Joke.

Produced by Trevor Horn of the Buggles — this is an awesome and way cool album.

I agree w/ Eli. This is an album.

I like it, but it should be out of rotation. There’s not enough room for me.

Yaz is 103 times better than this.

What isn’t?

Oh Yeah??

Come of out the closet cowards!!!

I like Martin’s hair.

Clever lyrics, lavish production (too busy) heavily stylized toons for young teens.


This is wonderful.

Agreed — straight from True Romance!

When this is over, can I have the last word?

Runaway as best album of 1982.

Has time proved either side correct? Hard to say, but there’s been enough interest in ABC to add them to this summer’s Regeneration Tour 2008, along with Human League, Dead or Alive, Flock of Seagulls, Naked Eyes, and Belinda Carlisle. Sweet! or too sweet!!!? You decide!

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  1. Stephen Minogue
    Posted May 22, 2008 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

    The album is amazing, and Martin still has that magical voice.


    ps… ‘Upstairs At Eric’s’ and ‘You and Me Both’ can’t hold a candle to this, sorry.

  2. Teddy
    Posted April 17, 2009 at 3:41 am | Permalink

    Just found this and it’s hilarious. Maybe I should give this another listen, but I’m sure I’ll still think of it as grody. Barf out.

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