Three Imaginary Girls: SIFF, the antidote for missing Sasquatch!

SIFF Opening Night Gala 5/22/08 (SIFF Artistic Director Carl Spence, Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, SIFF Managing Director Deborah Person)
photo by Andrew McDonald

According to weather forecasts, we may be seeing temperatures reaching somewhere in the 90s. Like every week since I started writing this column, there’s no shortage of fun things to do both indoors and out.

Growing up, not sure what career path I was going to take, I often fantasized about being a film critic — maybe even being on a TV show like Siskel and Ebert. For whatever reason, I always thought I’d make for a pretty good film critic and a mediocre music critic. Sometimes I still think that could be true.

Of course, I was thrilled to have gotten the invitation to cover the Seattle International Film Festival this year and jumped at that opportunity. This year, while many of my indie rocking friends and brethren are heading out to Eastern Washington for the Sasquatch fest, I’ll be cooped up in dark rooms with hundreds of my new closest friends.

TIG has some excellent coverage planned for SIFF this year and I am very happy to be a part of it. I will be blogging and twittering as much as I can throughout the festival.

With over 200 films from all over the globe, there should be no shortage of great movies playing for anyone’s palette. Here are some that I recommend (most of which have a rock/music theme):

Opium: Diary of a Madwoman. A Hungarian movie set in an insane asylum in the 1910s, it follows a doctor who joins the staff as a means of sating his morphine addiction. He enters a mutually codependent relationship with an inmate that is equally a brilliant writer and troubled patient. It’s beautifully filmed and well-acted but not for the squeamish.

The Wrecking Crew. A documentary about the Los Angeles studio musicians in the 1950s through 1970s, some of whom played on some of the most recognizable hits from that era. It is lovingly directed by Denny Tedesco, whose father Tommy was one of the most prolific members of the clique. Denny Tedesco and drummer Hal Blaine, who is featured prominently in the movie are scheduled to attend the screenings.

Patti Smith: Dream of Life. I haven’t seen this doc yet but I’m hoping it’ll answer a question that has been plaguing me for years: how can a bad poet who can’t sing convince a generation she’s a genius?

Heavy Metal in Baghdad. Another doc. This one is from Vice films and it explores exactly what the title says. Some dudes in Iraq want to rock and not have to worry about bombings. Can’t say I blame them.

Song Sung Blue. Yet another music doc. This one is about a husband and wife team of Neil Diamond and Patsy Cline impersonators who are haunted by addiction and tragedy. I don’t think I need to know any more to add this to my must-see list.

See you out and about,
Chris Burlingame
*Three Imaginary Girls*

High iPod rotation:
The Emergency {at the Sunset on 5/24 and Easy Street West Seattle on 5/30}
Sera Cahoone {at Sasquatch on 5/25}
Common Market

(Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest and beyond to music lovers worldwide. We post a Seattle live show calendar to help you fill your day-planner with loads of great shows, as well as record reviews, live show reviews, and an imagi-blog to entertain you throughout the day.)

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