FRICTION NYC tonight: Dark Meat, Ex Models & The Naked Heroes

KEXP is proud to support FRICTION NYC’s monthly showcases. The latest is tonight in Williamsburg:

FRICTION NYC kicks off Summer at Music Hall of Williamsburg TOMORROW NIGHT with an incredibly festive lineup featuring Athens, GA’s wildly eclectic collective Dark Meat along with Brooklyn’s avant-garde outfit Ex Models, and in your face rockers The Naked Heroes. Be sure to come out early for this solid bill and take advantage of Music Hall’s happy-hour starting at 6pm!

Tix available now / Doors @ 8pm 8pm / flyer, mp3s + more here.

FRICTION NYC’s showcases are consistently amazing. Here’s KEXP correspondent Sheryl Witlen’s take on last month’s with Fuck Buttons and Pattern Is Movement:

Pattern is Movement is everything that you had wished your high school musicals would have sounded like. Then maybe you would have appreciated the thespians in your midst a bit more. The Philly-based duo broke onto the Mercury Lounge stage opening up the night with a breath of fresh HOT air. Suffocating and volatile, the band started off in 2001 as a five piece ensemble, yet only two pillars remain: Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward. Fresh off of a recent tour, the two seemed jovial and relaxed to be among friends and family. Keeping with the FRICTION tradition, Pattern is Movement displayed the best and the brightest in unique songwriting and spirited showmanship. Animated yet in total control of their special blend of math rock, these two broke it down in a fusion of drum fury and furious wit.

Personally, I do not know why it is that the American music has yet to produce a wreckage of electronic madness anything close to the likes of which is flowing out of Canada and Europe. Innovators Crystal Castles, Hadouken!, Depth Affect, and Holy Fuck, just to name a few, are in the forefront of those breaking the barrier between chaos and controlled brilliance. If I thought my ears could not get enough of this latest craze, then Fuck Buttons was meant to be my next fix. The Bristol-based duo of Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power had me eating out of their knob twisting fingers and crowding their perched positions with lust and adoration. Theirs is a soundtrack for the ultimate laser fight or the background music for a scientific documentary explaining the death of a star. It might not make sense until you see them live, but trust me: it is the perfect soundtrack for Armageddon. Their performance is the ultimate formation of sounds: warbled, crackling, fuzzing, and bashing climaxing at the exact space in time to produce a disturbing squealing mess. It is loud, it is confusing, it is mind-crushing. At one point it felt like all gravity and time had been sucked out of the room and we, their audience, were left suspended in their looping madness of melody and hysteria. Granted the electronic acts are usually just a few people pushing and twisting various keyboards and gadgets, but Andrew and Bejamin jolt and bash along to their creation with graceful ticking neurosis. Do not try and understand how it is all coming together or what they are saying — it is much more enjoyable just to go along with the noise. Their track “Sweet Love for Planet Earth” is the ultimate example of what these two master and left us curious what other barriers these two have left to break through.

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