KEXP’s Summer Membership Drive begins today!

Thursday, May 29

It’s the KEXP 2008 Summer Membership Drive and it’s time to throw a party! Really!

That’s how I think about KEXP’s drives. They’re a party for 3800 of our closest friends, because that’s the number of listeners who typically make gifts during our drives. Think about it: a great party mix of music, some awesome food, party games, and depending on the drive, costumes. And it’s all in the name of helping artists get their music to our ears! That’s what these drives are really all about! We all love the music, the artists love creating and having us hear it… KEXP is like an art museum for music and the DJs are curators of great art. Great cultural institutions like museums and KEXP deserve our support!

We’re putting the finishing touches on the party, right now.

The drive starts in a few hours and the hallway — the important hallway where we keep the cupcakes and pizza during the drive (!) — is filled with a huge CD cataloging project. Some of John Richards’ top intern guns (including Gracie who’s home from an ivy league school back east!) are squeezed into what used to be just a hallway. They’re all on laptops, or using paper choppers, or filling bins with hundreds of CDs. It’s like a fairy tale come to life. They’ve been coming in on the weekends and at night, like the elves who would sneak in to the cobbler’s house to make shoes. But today, they’re revealing themselves to us, and they will have the CD project done before Don Slack and Rachel Ratner take the mic at 6pm!

And that’s good because Kelly needs to put a whole bunch of plastic wrap on the floor in that area. Ahhh, yes, the laying of the plastic wrap. I didn’t even know that there was plastic wrap made for the floor until I started working here. But it’s gotta be done, and Kelly’s just the person for the job. Otherwise it can get pretty skanky, truth be known.

Good news is that the Costco truck just delivered about 400 pounds of party food… Kevin Cole is psyched on the red vines (he just told me that, completely unsolicited, I swear!), chips, soda, gorp that’s heavily influenced by chocolate, oh, and a dozen apples. And someone has delivered bunch of cheesecakes — man they look good! We’re all set with the snacks.

My job is to help the DJs get psyched up for the party. And that means a trip to Archie McPhee’s. This drive, the DJs will be taking doses of Sparkle Ninja and Angry Scotsman bubble gum to prepare for the verbal and mental calisthenics that go into telling you about why the station’s good works are worth supporting. They’ll also get a pep talk and notecards with inspiring messages, and designs such as a shackled Saint Bernadette burning in prison before being martyred, or pulp fiction classic book covers like, I Was a Teeny-Bopper for the CIA, or a colorized photo of a woman riding an alligator. Stuff like that always gets people ready to talk about KEXP.

And of course, there will be presents for you, at this party! We have some really cool thank you gifts this drive, and you can check them out here! And of course, we’d be sincerely grateful if you were to make a gift to support the Summer Drive while you’re browsing the party favors! It’s a hit it and quit drive it that’s also the annual ‘Hood to ‘Hood Challenge! Please make your gift early and help us get the party rolling… I confess, I’m a total party wimp and want to go home early, so your gift NOW will help us end this one before the witching hour!

And, thanks for the many ways the YOU power KEXP!

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