2008 Summer Membership Drive Update: A Membership Drive is Like a Wedding Reception

This day reminds me of a wedding reception, minus the groomsman getting drunk and making a pass at my cousin’s daughter — well, there is the woman who just called to ask, “Do you guys know where the booty cave is?” We don’t, by the way, but if you find out, let us know.

The courier came early in the morning bringing a feast for our guests… the volunteers ate heartily of bagels and donuts and chocolate and then later of burritos and more chocolates. The coffee guy brought 4 Americanos to the station for John’s morning fuel.

There are party favors. Today’s LICENSE PLATE DAY at KEXP… when you give, today, we’ll send you a license plate frame in addition to any thank you gift you might receive for your donation. Today only! Seems that there’s a movement afoot to show the KEXP love to the motorcycling green movement out there — special KEXP Roughrider pack — we’ll see what we can do!

We get so many wonderful emails, which are reminding me of wedding toasts. A love fest and pretty humbling for all of us. This one is from Hovie from Ballard who is reminiscing about our first date…

“My wife and I went to the KEXP member’s event in Ballard at the Sunset and were treated better than I could have ever imagined. Not knowing anyone else, we figured we’d hang out for awhile and leave. We were pleasantly surprised to be engaged by many of the KEXP staff and made to feel like we belonged. In fact it made my wife, who isn’t a listener, become one simply because of the great KEXP people she met at the event. Thanks again for being real, good, people!”

And then there was this message from Brenda who lives in West Seattle (Go West Seattle, Beat Ballard! — I know, I’m a traitor to my ‘hood, but I REALLY want to go out and have a KEXP party in another area of the city – to see how they do it!) — but I digress… She wrote this truly amazing email that chokes me up just thinking about it, it’s about our long and intimate relationship.

“Hi Guys,
I’m happy to re-up my membership today and take it up a notch from 100 to 180. It’s the least I can do. You don’t even know it but you’re friends who have shared some pretty big moments with me. Driving to work on the viaduct and realizing, after nine years of hoping, that I was pregnant at last. Dancing in the kitchen with my son Chester, now 4. Sitting in the car and letting it sink in after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Training for the 3 Day and rocking it, inspired by great music on the Live at KEXP Volume 2 disc, and grateful for my wonderful life with its awesome soundtrack — courtesy of KEXP. You Rock!”

Right now, I’m feeling that we’re all a bit like virginal newlyweds. Loving the reception, but really anxious to leave so that they can get down to business. It’s a HIT IT AND QUIT IT drive, we want to get back to music 24/7! Let’s consummate our union! Make your gift today, and we’ll sneak out of the party early!

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