Summer Membership Drive Update: Monday… brain needs food…

Brains need stuff to keep them going. My brain has stopped receiving stuff from me. Except it keeps getting a lot of caffeine, alcohol, and cheese pizza. This is not a good thing. This is a bad thing. My brain does not live by coffee, beer and pizza pies, alone.

It’s hard to write something when your brain doesn’t have any stuff. But, it’s my job to write the membership drive blogs. I’m obviously the wrong person to be writing the latest music blog, and now, it’s even hard to write the membership drive blog.

Today was a day to remember, but my stuffless brain doesn’t have the capacity to do that. I even forgot to take pictures of the day, so I can’t refer back to some of the times I cried… I always cry, so I know I cried. I just can’t remember why. Probably I cried because I couldn’t remember why I was walking toward the back of the building, or why I was reaching into the fridge.

I definitely cried when someone said something nice to me. I just don’t know who they were or what they said. All I knew, today, was that when I wanted a cupcake, and there were no cupcakes. I’d saved a cupcake in my office for DJ Jo, though. She’s pitching on the air nearly every day of this drive and she’s like 6 months pregnant. If anyone deserves a cupcake, it’s Jo.

I’ll grab a cupcake in the morning and take a picture and show you how pretty they are.

Let’s just put it this way. If we need to go all the way to Friday during this drive, there will be many of us here who will have a very hard time talking to other people. I don’t know how the DJs do it. Maybe their brains have some stuff in them. Mine doesn’t.

Right now, DJ Jo and Jon Kertzer are on the air. I’ve never been so proud of either of them. They’re doing such an amazing job. I’ve been to Africa and I’ve never heard drums like that anywhere else. The music is unbelievable there. People in Dakar drape blue tarps over the street and play drums and dance under the tarps all day, to celebrate life’s events. I laid in my bed in Africa, sweating with fever and listening to the surreal sounds of drums ringing through the streets. Dozing in and out of fever dreams and always there was music. And Jon Kertzer shares that with us. I’m reminded of Dakar most weeks when I listen the Best Ambiance. The smells, the colors, the sounds and the people of Africa for three hours a week. One of the best times in my life, brought back to me through the continent’s music, every week.

But that’s about all my brain can muster tonight. The Drive goes on, Jon and Jo come to me from the next room.

It’s the KEXP 2008 Summer Membership Drive! It’s a Hit it and Quit it! Pledge now and help us end it early, friends!

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