Summer Membership Drive Update: Over The Hump

Today, I sat in a corner of the call room, typing typing typing. I didn’t really get to meet anyone. Early on, I somehow found myself in a meeting and I tried really hard to focus. I also tried really hard to listen to the concerns of loved ones who think I’m becoming myopic in my world view, this week. I have to admit that I am one-sighted. I am. I just am. KEXP membership drives are REALLY fun and very intense.

Once, when I was in college, I went on a spring break camping trip to the sand dunes in southern Oregon (don’t know about them? Look at this!). This is a place where you don’t understand distance or size or anything because the landscape is so foreign. We decided to walk from the campground to the Pacific. Suddenly, our entire world became sand and hills and sky. We walked and walked. Part of the hike included wading through a murky rust-colored swamp that came up to our knees. It was pretty gross and really scary. In the swamp, the reeds grew above our heads, it was hot and muggy underneath their canopy, and we couldn’t see the sky. Our world became that swamp and those reeds. It was all-consuming and we were thirsty.

After at least an hour, we emerged from the reeds. When we did, we danced and danced. I’ve never felt elation like that, and I’ve never seen a bigger expanse of beach. I ran around and sang “Oceansize” by Jane’s Addiction at the top of my lungs, competing with the pounding surf while I stomped around in the Pacific. For a long time that day, NOTHING existed except that swamp, the sand, the sky and the Pacific.

That’s how a membership drive is. You don’t know what happens around you in the world. You’re only aware that three times an hour for several days in a row, some of the nicest people you know go on the air and try to explain WHY it’s important to support the arts — why it’s important to support musicians and music. And you try to think in your head words that will help them articulate something that is so personal and so unexplainable. There’s nothing like it and it’s hard to disengage from it.

Lucky for us, YOU know why the arts are important and why KEXP is important to the arts. You understand that these membership drives help keep artistic voices heard in this big ol’ world. And, also lucky for us, you support our work for the greater good!

Please continue to show us you care about artists as much as we do! Please participate in the KEXP 2008 Summer Membership Drive with your gift today!


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  1. Posted June 5, 2008 at 9:40 am | Permalink

    Awesome post, Leesa! I always look forward to your inspiring posts during pledge drive.

    No worries for those well-meaning folks who don’t relate — this is what ‘crunch time’ looks like when you’re part of a big, vital mission. The value of KEXP just can’t be overstated — this wellspring of independence of thought & music must be treasured, protected. These 3 weeks out of the year are awesome opportunities for the KEXP community across the globe to get focused, rise up & join together to cherish this awesome little station that does so much!

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