Review Revue: Catbutt – Journey to the Center of

Some regular readers of Review Revue might wonder about the disproportionate number of Sub Pop records I have featured over the months. There’s no big conspiracy or secret backdoor payola involved, it’s just that a) I’ve been a fan of Sub Pop at least since I was a high school kid 3000 miles away, and I first bought Green Magnet School’s Blood Music on cassette; b) as a local institution, Sub Pop records have a special place in history, and deserve to be brought out into the daylight; and c) I’m really excited about SP20 next weekend! Seaweed! The Vaselines! Red Red Meat! Green River! Cat Butt! Oh, wait, not Cat Butt.

I guess Cat Butt is not going to be among the many fine bands from days of yore who are reuniting to celebrate Sub Pop’s 20th birthday. So instead, let’s take a moment to check out their debut (and only) full length album, Journey to the Center of, released 19 years ago this summer…

“A really strong release from an often great live band. Wasn’t sure how they’d translate to vinyl, but they’ve really found a niche. Not a weak cut. One of Sub Pop’s best and if you like S.P. (and I do) you’ll surely love this.”

“Not exactly what you’d call ‘tight,’ but it’s fine screamin’ grunge.”

“Tighter than they used to be.”

“‘Born Loser’ is one way rockin’ tune!”

“Dropped by Sub Pop after the release of this LP. Dean has left the band.”

If you need to know more about Cat Butt, I highly recommend you check out their page in the dank, musty depths of Sub Pop’s online history section.

See you at SP20!

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  1. Posted July 3, 2008 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    Dude. Whoa. That cover is messing with me. I feel like , strange.

    Come back Dean.

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