Review Revue: Love Battery – Between the Eyes EP

Hey, so were we talking about Sub Pop for some reason? Oh yes! SP20! You can rest assured that after this weekend I will shut up about our Seattle friends for at least a little while. For now, let us discuss another band that isn’t scheduled to perform at this weekend’s festivities in Marymoor Park. Unless, perchance, one of those TBA slots… ? They are playing around to some extent these days; we know this because they played live on our own Audioasis on June 28th (stream available only until this Saturday, so get on it!).

At one time, Love Battery appeared to be many people’s choice for Best Band in Seattle (And Perhaps the World) — and for some reason they were diametrically opposed to Mudhoney in some people’s minds (as you will see below); some kind of Highlander-esque “There can be only one” sort of thing? Who knows! Anyway, I hope I’m not stirring up any kind of bad blood bringing all this up; this should be a time of love and hope and happiness!

Behold, the Love Battery love! (And a little bit of Mudhoney hate, but those guys can handle it.)

“Fuck Mudhoney. Love Battery is my vote for Seattle’s best band. There isn’t a cut on here I wouldn’t call amazing. Let’s hope they give those flatulent glamsters [!] a run for their money.”

“This is a great record — I agree, Love Battery are one of Seattle’s best. [illegible scribble] My only complaint is that there isn’t more here. 2-3!”

“Do they sound different w/Jim Tillman?”

“Sounds really good, but I’ve always found them dull live. Mudhoney blow them away.”

“These guys are great, but the best in town? Huh? And why do we have to comment at the expense of another band. Can’t they both be good? Surely being #1 or #2 or whatever is just a commercial radio/mag type schtick. Why do we need to rate? Why not just play and enjoy, fucker.”

“Sure, better than the Mudhonies, but at this point that’s really not saying much. Whereas “Between the Eyes” says enough. OK.”

“Just way cool. Please play something other than ‘Between the Eyes’ once in a while.”

“‘Hiway of Souls’ is cool. Trees like only a cut above a lot of their stuff.” [I reread this several times, and I know this doesn’t make any sense, but that’s really what it looks like.]

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