Review Revue: The Box Tops – Greatest Hits

OK, I’ll admit it: This record jumped out at me because of the amazing/ridiculous outfits on the cover. Then I pulled it out and read the comments on the front (and the fascinating biographical info on the back, which I’m sorry isn’t included here), and realized something of which I had been woefully unaware: The Box Tops (most well known for the classic “The Letter,” which has been covered by everybody ever) were the band of the legendary, mysterious Alex Chilton before he went on to join the cult favorite Big Star! How did I miss this? And why are you even listening to an ignoramus such as myself? All good questions. Now let’s hear from some people who know what they’re talking about (and some who probably don’t):

“You can tell from their clothes that these guys are with it.”

“Alex Chilton was never needed more than today… THANKS RHINO!”

“2-7 is a foreign language version of ‘Cry Like a Baby.'”

“Soul deep! Who’s going to donate Big Star #1 record through 3rd? [I don’t know who did, but the library now has all three on LP and probably CD as well.] Alex Chilton today washes dishes in New Orleans — no shit. [I don’t think he washes dishes for a living any more — more and more people have figured out what a badass he is, and I think he’s able to make a living off music these days — but he does still live in New Orleans, as far as I can tell.]”

“I should have grown up in the early 60s. This is good stuff!”

“I’m glad I was only 7 when the 60s ended. I was not subjected to this crap. I was lucky.”

“This is really bad!!!”

“Yeak yeck!”

“‘The Letter’ is a great pop song but I think I like Joe Cocker’s live ‘Mad dogs & Englishmen’ better — much better!!”

“Sorry, that song was around for a long time before Joe C. got to it. P.S. This album is really good — just look at those curtains… I mean clothes!”

“This stuff is great! I’ve changed my mind!”

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