Capitol Hill Block Party, Day 1: Music Festival ADD

Dan Muller

by Jamie H

I tend to have what I like to call Music Festival ADD. It’s hard for me to stick in one place when I know there’s an equally awesome musical throw down taking place near by. Such was my time at the Capitol Hill Block Party on Friday. I saw a little of a lot of bands, at least while I was still able to get from stage to stage in under fifteen minutes while among the other cattle in the heard attempting to shuffle within the confines of the party’s block.

Rather than expound upon my late afternoon and early evening in detail, I offer you highlights of my CHPB experience in the form of bullet points.

Common Market:

Ron Henry
  • I knew it was going to be a fun day when I heard the rhyme “Oh my goodness / oh my hoodness.”
  • Common Market was the first act of the day on the main stage and even early on in the day it was clear: people were on a mission to dance.

United States of Electronica:

Kyle Johnson
  • It took the first three songs for the sound technical difficulties to be ironed out. During that time I learned that USE does not sound good with a pad of line noise.
  • At this point I started noticing a remarkable number of late-80’s florescent Ray Ban knockoffs on peoples’ faces. You know, the kind you won in 6th grade for selling twenty-five one-dollar candy bars for your school’s general fundraiser, and if “you” are like me and were in Middle School in the late 80’s.
  • A hypothesis was born in my mind – is the perfect dance tempo for Seattle concert goers 130 beats per minute? If proven positive, it would support my thinking that USE, Seattle elders of It’s Okay To Dance At A Show, have mastered their art form.


Dan Muller
  • The vast majority of their set were songs from their break-out album Friend and Foe. All of their songs with sung along with by the audience.
  • Condom balloons replaced the traditional festival beach ball as the item bounced around the audience after the drummer dumped a huge box of condoms on the keyboardist who, in turn, tossed them out to the crowd.

The Airborne Toxic Event:

Classical Geek Theatre
  • I don’t believe there was a man behind the drum set. It was a drum machine wearing a mustache.
  • I, being a female, subsequently posed the question to myself, “If I could grow a mustache, would I?” I’m still chewing on this one.

Girl Talk:

Ron Henry
  • Confirmed: Dancing is IN and it’s HOT.

Thee Emergency:

Dan Muller
  • Sure, a lot of people have grumbled about the guerrilla-marketing-gone-too-far Operation Bright Pink (, but it was done with good intentions. If one intention is successful, it should be that the world finds out that Dita Vox can sing and entertain on a level that few front-people in town can touch.

overheard in the VIP lounge:

Ron Henry

  • Well dressed man to well dressed woman, “Jack Black is married to my friend with two kids. You wouldn’t want to be with him, would you?”

Les Savy Fav:

Ron Henry
  • The first time I saw Tim Harrington and his Les Savy Fav was at Jay’s Upstairs in Missoula, MT in 2002 at a show attended by approximately thirteen people. At one point during their performance, I had to use the ladies room. Tim didn’t hesitate to follow me directly into the ladies room and scream to me while I did my business.
  • I’m happy to see that LSF have kept at it for several years and built up the audience they deserve. Tim Harrington is no doubt a freakshow and he enforced his reputation by entering the stage in a full animal fur cloak, unabashedly sticking his hands down his shorts, wearing a vibrator in his headband, and demanding audience members to massage his toes. That said the band’s air-tight dance jams complete the package.

The only major complaint I have about the CHBP is the lack of funnel cake and deep-fried snickers vendors. More fair food next year, please? I really don’t need organic popcorn when I’m rocking out in the sun.

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  1. Jakub
    Posted July 28, 2008 at 10:41 am | Permalink

    Great show this year. Too bad U.S.E. didnt have good sound-though none of the acts did, but USE brought it as always! Girl Talk was kinda boring, though.

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