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Christopher Nelson

Hopefully by the time you read this I’ll have recovered completely from the Capitol Hill Block Party and all the insanity surrounding it: crowds, alcohol, crowds, Girl Talk, Fleet Foxes, crowds, etc… I delayed the recovery a little longer by interviewing and then going to see The Subways on Monday night, which was my own damn fault but totally worth it.

I’ll be out of town this weekend for the wedding of one of my most absolutely dearest friends but if I were staying within the 206 area code, this is what I’d be doing:

Scarlet Room and Emilia Sosa at the High Dive, Friday, August 1
I saw Scarlet Room a couple of months ago at the Showbox’s Green Room and was thoroughly impressed with their dark, sexy, Brechtian cabaret-inspired sound. At that show, SR was only a two-piece with Aleksandra Weil on piano and vocals and Eloise Govedare on drums and they immediately brought to mind some of my favorite acts like The Dresden Dolls and Regina Spektor. That night they were hampered by the limitations of that room but I’m certain that they will fare better in a bigger room that will give their songs room to breathe and circulate through the venue.

I’ve also recently been enjoying the trip-hoppy sounds Emilia Sosa. Her mature, sultry, Cat Power-esque harmonies sound quite seductive over the sparse, down-tempo beats. According to Sosa’s biography, she relocated to Seattle after losing everything from Hurricane Katrina and finished up her debut album Rhythm of Life. Sosa’s poetic songwriting and seductive voice are practically irresistible.

Facts About Funerals CD Release at the Comet Tavern, Saturday, August 2
This night commemorates the release of Facts About Funerals’ debut album Love Songs and Funeral Homes. The songs, from the ones I’ve heard, are beautiful, heartfelt numbers sung by the haunting, delicate voice of singer Rob Sharp and deal with matters of life and death. From what I’ve read, the band took its name from a pamphlet distributed by the state of Texas explaining legal matters about funerals and death in the Lone Star State. I’ve seen Sharp’s previous band(s) New West Motels and Red Sky a handful of times but I’ve yet to catch FAF (or hear Love Songs and Funeral Homes in its entirety) and am very anxious to do so.

While on the topic of loss and death, here’s some footage of the band playing their song “Cartwheels” at the Crocodile:

The Trial at Northwest Film Forum, through August 3
I’m not sure why I have yet to see Orson Welles’s adaptation of my favorite Kafka novel but I may have to find my way to NWFF before Sunday night to see this. It stars Psycho‘s Anthony Perkins as Joseph K., who is faced with a trial for a crime that he doesn’t know what it is and whether or not he actually committed it. This movie seems especially allegorical considering decisions made from the White House the past few years.

This film is the first in a trilogy dedicated to the lesser-known films of Welles. Following weeks will feature Chimes at Midnight and The Immortal Story.

Mamma Mia! at cineplexes pretty much everywhere
While everything I recommended is a solid choice, it was still sort of depressing writing the above options – and multiply that by ten on the same weekend a dear friend is getting married. With that in mind, I can’t help but advise anyone to check out this film. Mamma Mia! is the most fun “Hollywood” movie I’ve seen in quite a while (by contrast, The Dark Knight is the best “Hollywood” movie I’ve seen in quite a while but you’ve probably already seen it and it is nowhere near as fun as this one). The plot is flimsy and Pierce Brosnan can hardly sing but the entire cast seems to be having so much fun singing and dancing to the Abba songs (which are better than you may allow your conscience to believe) that you can’t help but enjoy it yourself. I saw the film on its opening Friday night and the theater was packed with people singing along.

See you out and about,
Chris Burlingame
*Three Imaginary Girls*

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