KEXP BBQ: The Dexter Street Stompers

Ron Henry

by Greg Vandy, host of The Roadhouse

What’s a Summer BBQ without some jug band music? The Dexter Street Stompers obliged like that crazy drunk uncle who shows up early and leaves late at family functions. Ya wanna like ‘em, but who exactly are these guys? They show up in rope belts, overalls, and straw hats while the kazoo man’s gotta a bow tie. Ol’ timey, indeed! To call ‘em “old school” is an understatement. Any schooling at all seems questionable. But thanks to them, some levity was added to this year’s KEXP BBQ .

I was especially proud watching these guys as they are my house band. About six weeks back, in The Roadhouse (Weds 6-9pm), we staged a low-budget American Idol over the radio. We searched hi & lo, not for Idols, but for train ridin’ hobos and jug blowin’ fools. We held live auditions, judged their skillz and style, and voted along with the you listeners to pick five players to join bandleader Levi Fuller. And a jug band was formed.

After a few rehearsals and a live set in The Roadhouse last Wednesday, The Stompers were hardly ready for prime time, yet with the help of corn liquor and cheap energy drinks, the new band braved the elements and a crowd of discerning indie rockers. And they killed it! Even when Levi broke a string on the second song (and no roadies came to fix it), they carried on with Southern (Georgetown) pride. New fans include John Richards, Don Slack, and The Saturday Knights who talked of getting jug blower Cambajamba on their next record.

After the show, flash bubs flashed, scribes jotted down details, and booking agents were in a flurry (the band is already booked at The Tractor). And for me, it was like seeing my baby take his first steps.

Ron Henry

Ron Henry

Ron Henry

Ron Henry

Dan Muller

Ron Henry

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One Comment

  1. Billy Hill
    Posted August 14, 2008 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

    The Dexter Street Stompers are my new favorate band! They jammed hard at the BBQ. Who knew a jug band could be so good?

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