Review Revue: Chris & Cosey

Welcome back to Review Revue, and one of my favorite themes: Bands I’ve Never Heard of. This week it’s Chris & Cosey (aka Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti). This duo was formed from the ashes of Throbbing Gristle (who, yes, I have heard of), and we have 10 of their albums in our vinyl section. They seem to have generated a fair amount of discussion throughout their career, but this 12″ single from 1987 stood out for the most intense (and confusing) argument of the bunch. Maybe Creed can pop in and help clear this up for us?

“‘Dr. John’ is probably the best song here. Definitely top 90.3 material. ‘Dancing on Your Grave’ is right up there, too. However, ‘Beat Beat Beat’ just doesn’t cut the mustard. A fine LP though.”

“This ‘Beat beat Beat’ would do well as a dance song, tho. But I agree, it doesn’t cut the mustard. Nice analogy, Creed — all in all, this is really great.”

“But not as great as Techno-Primitiv. Isn’t it amazing how dance songs can be so mediocre? I’d be embarrassed if I was caught dancing to that song.”

“wouldn’t know that there are treworld from this record.” [Uh, I think there might be something missing there; sorry.]

“Be quiet! At least they credit Martin Denny — this is ‘OK.’ I see what they’re trying to do, but except for a few cuts, it just doesn’t bake. Oh — and the back cover photo sure looks like a Cyndi Sherman [sic] thing, doesn’t it? It’s not, though. I sure don’t like Cyndi Sherman’s work, so I’m glad it’s not real.”

“Yeah, but how many records are these two gonna dedicate to Martin Denny. I don’t know – maybe that doesn’t matter.”

“There are some interesting tracks here — ‘Dr. John,’ for instance, but on many big sonic like Dead or an all instr.” [Again, I have no idea what’s going on here.]

“Look at this. Pre-commented.”

“Chris & Cosey have used disco beats since their first record from way back in ’78, so if they want to use big disco sounds… well… us old timers know that Dead or Alive sound like Chris ‘n’ Cosey. Kinda like saying the Cramps opt for that big grunge disco sound reminiscent of… The Mad Daddys. Know what I mean?? But keep exploring the world of industry Mr. Much, you will find it engaging.”

“With their last release I had given up on these two – but after listening to this I now have a faint hope. ‘Dancing on Your Grave’ sounds like Liquid Sky soundtrack.”

“Thanks for all the encouragement S____. (Sorry, didn’t mean to give away your real name.) I will continue to explore the world of industrial music. With your support I can now march undaunted past the big disco beats and irritating airplane noise toward my true salvation. Thanks too to my mom and dad for instilling in me that never say die attitude and to my sister for her occasional postcards and athletic ability and to God for making me born. With love, thank you, T__. [Hmmm, I sense a little sarcasm, maybe?] P.S. I still don’t think much of Dead or Alive but I don’t mind old Chris & Cosey. I don’t think that it’s as disco-y as you say. Which record would you say is so disco-y?”

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  1. Damon Creed
    Posted August 14, 2008 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

    Look at those over 20 year old comments, Yikes! And how about the word ‘grunge’ used in the pre-grunge era.

    I wish the image resolution was a little better to aid in jogging my memory. The general gist is the usual friendly banter between a couple of factions at KCMU loosely defined by their acceptance or abhorrence of electronics and drum machines as compositional tools.

    Would you believe Chris & Cosey played the Moore Theater in support of this album! It’s true, and SPK opened.

    Have you followed the other ashes that came out of TG? Coil & Psychic TV. Some of their records have lively comments too if I recall.

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