Review Revue: Slap – Slap

This week in Review Revue, we have a record by a band called Slap, which appears to be not a band at all but a man named Stephen Nester. This one is hard to find any record of on our usually so helpful Internet. When you look up Slap on you get a few different results, the most promising of which does not mention this album at all. When you look up Stephen Nester, you get a guy (probably the same guy) filed under “new age” and connected with Black Tape for a Blue Girl and a couple compilations. Mysterious indeed. Wikipedia only has two entries called “Slap”; one on the strike, and one on the song by Ludacris. Perhaps the site with the best information on Slap/Stephen Nester is, but they’re really not much of a site for context, just names and dates and tracklists. I want a story, dang it!

But all the mystery aside, what really made me grab this record is the fact that it contains the first typewritten review that I’ve ever seen on a record. These days most of us type our reviews, print them out and stick them on the CD, but before everyone had easy access to word processing capability, the norm (as you have seen over the months) was to hand write one’s reviews. “DB,” however, cared enough about this mysterious “Slap” album that he typed his review with a typewriter on two different labels and stuck them to the front of the record (where they were promptly covered up by someone’s careless alphabetical label, which I had to ever so gingerly peel back in order to find the words below). As a fan of typewriters, this warmed my heart, although DB’s use of the word “geek” to describe some of his co-workers seemed to have the opposite effect on many of them.

“Miami mood synthesizer, strings, woodwinds, bass and percussive instrumentals with an urban beat and background effects. Some 20th Century classical (Gershwin, John Cage) influences. I’d make it an H or an N [should be ‘M,’ perhaps?], but none of the geeks would play it because it is a little far out.”

“The more I hear it the more I like it.”

“Let’s tentatively label or pigeonhole this as industrio-pop. [interjected here: “poop?”] Maybe. Very complex, murky + perplexing driving music, ya know, it’s swell! On ‘Nester-Duotone’ label. Wow! Wow! Raveing reviews.”

“But db, who are ‘the geeks’?”

“Don’t get defensive, it’s nobody in particular.”

“And what makes you think you know it all?”


“God told me.”

“Fuckin’ neato. -anon-geek”

“Really really great — love it! Love it!”

“‘Geek?’ Try it in person.”

“I adore this.”

“Thank goodness I’m not a geek.”

“One of the best industrial records I’ve ever heard.”

“It’s nice hearing industrial/fusion/jazz all thrown together fairly well. No geekyness here.”

“Oh, by the way db, noise — jazz — beat art — fusion – Slap seems to be the newest trendiest thing among the geeks.”

“Geeky, yes, but I like it too.”

“Interesting way to shame people into spinning a particular disc. Hmmm…”

“Oops – love it so much I tried to steal it. Sorry, it’s back now!”

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  1. Kathy
    Posted March 23, 2012 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

    Yes, It is the same Stephen nester who did black tape for a blue girl, and duotone is his own label, out of Miami, it was published in the early to mid 90s

  2. Bobby B
    Posted November 25, 2013 at 6:45 pm | Permalink

    Slap by Steve Nester, Miami circa 1986. Great visual artist as well. Black 911 and a girlfriend that looked like Monroe. Classic 1980’s underground art. Good stuff, don’t have his music but retained some great art works. Worth a fortune someday, priceless to my memory bank.

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