Three Imaginary Girls recommends some things to do the during the busiest weekend of the summer

Is it just me or is this the busiest weekend of the summer to do things? Maybe you hadn’t put together the picnic or potluck or barbecue you had hoped to and this is your last chance before Labor Day. Regardless, I seem to have been saying “I’d love to but…” more for events this weekend than I have over the past three months. I’m not even popular or cool.

With sincere apologies to my very lovely friends, here are a few more items that are of note in the next seven days that are guaranteed to be more fun than going house shopping with John McCain.

Shaken and Stirred: Dorothy Parker’s Birthday celebration at University Bookstore (U District), Friday, August 22
If Dorothy Parker were still alive, she would be turning 115 today. Alas, one of my favorite writers of the twentieth century died in 1967. That is not stopping the fine people at the University Bookstore from throwing her a birthday party. The night promises readings and tributes from some of those aforementioned fine people. I started quoting Parker often because she was such a brilliant wit and because it was so much easier than coming up with clever things to say on my own. This sounds like quite the fun evening. Seriously, how can I not adore someone who reportedly told an editor inquiring about a promised story while she was on a honeymoon “I’ve been too fucking busy, or vice versa”?

Quoting one of my favorite of Parker’s poems (“The Flaw in Paganism”):

Drink and dance and laugh and lie,
Love, reeling the midnight through,
For tomorrow we shall die!
(But, alas, we never do.)

Mirah at Neumo’s, Sunday, August 24

Thanks to having a song appear on a hit TV show, Mirah is becoming something of a star outside of the usual indie circles. To which I say “great!” She has one of the loveliest and most distinct voices today and she’s a clever songwriter. Even though she calls the PDX home, she isn’t here all that often, so her shows are always a treat.

Every time I’ve previously seen Mirah play, it was playing songs exclusively from her fantastic 2007 album Share This Place, but that project was commissioned by the Seattle International Children’s Festival. This show will finally be the proper Mirah show I’ve been trying to catch for about two years now. I really hope she plays this song (“La Familia”):

GZA at Neumo’s, Tuesday, August 26

You have almost certainly made up your mind about The GZA and/or his legendary hip hop group The Wu-Tang Clan and whether or not you’re going to this show. (I am.) Instead, I’ll make this post a public service announcement to clear up any confusion. The advertisements read that The GZA will be performing “The Legendary Liquid Swords!” This means that he will be performing his brilliant 1995 album Liquid Swords beginning to end and the record is in fact legendary. He will not be performing his 2002 album Legend of the Liquid Sword.

See you out and about,
Chris Burlingame
*Three Imaginary Girls*

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