KEXP Video of the Week: Bobby Bare, Jr. @ Doug Fir

At the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland during Musicfest NW, KEXP hosted a number of great bands: Port O’Brien, Nick Jaina Band, and Oxford Collapse on the first day; Blind Pilot, Love As Laughter, and The Helio Sequence on the second day; and The Muslims, Centro-matic, and Bobby Bare, Jr. on the the third day. Fortunately, we videotaped them all, and we’ll be showing you clips over the next several weeks. First up is the last artist to play: Bobby Bare, Jr., a regular at KEXP and supporter of the station. Bobby performed just a couple of months ago in Seattle, but in Portland he brought a very different sound. Enjoy five full videos from the performance and, below, read an interview with Bobby about his take on the festival and the upcoming Shel Silverstein tribute album he’s producing.

The Terrible Sunrise

Uh Wuh Oh

Sad Smile

Sticky Chemical


Interview by Jim Beckmann:

Jim: I wanted to talk to you about Musicfest NW. You’ve been here since day one of the festival, and now you’re the last band we have performing on our stage. How has it been for you this year?

Bobby: It gets better every year. I think they’ve added extra bands this year as well as bigger bands. It’s fantastic.

Jim: What have you seen that you’ve liked so far?

Bobby: I saw M. Ward for the first time, other than when he played with My Morning Jacket.

Jim: I know you were at the Doug Fir last night for Crooked Fingers.

Bobby: Yeah, and Old 97s the first night. The Whigs were great. I hadn’t seen them before and I just missed them in Nashville.

Jim: How great of a guy is (MFNW organizer) Trevor Solomon?

Bobby: When my last record came out, he was my manager. The first time I played Musicfest, he got up on stage and poured a beer on my head, to start off the show! Now I’m just producing a Shel Silverstein tribute, and it’s hard to manage a producer. I’m just doing the tribute right now. But Trevor is an immense help.

Jim: When do you expect the Shel Silverstein tribute to come out?

Bobby: Probably in the middle of next year. Hopefully it will be done in January and I can start on my own record then.

Jim: Art these songs that are going to be taken from his work or songs inspired by him?

Bobby: They’re all Shel Silverstein songs. He wrote “A Boy Named Sue” and “Cover of the Rolling Stone.” My Morning Jacket covered a song called “Lullabys, Legends and Lies”. They backed up my dad on a song called “The Golden Kiss.” I recorded Kris Kristofferson on June 20 doing a song called “The Winner.” It’s really great. It’s coming out on Vanguard/Sugar Hill Records.

Jim: Who else is going to be on it?

Bobby: Ray Price said yes, Alison Krauss, hopefully Dr. Dog, The Black Keys, George Jones will probably do it.

Jim: How about you and your dad? Will you do something on it together?

Bobby: He did his song with My Morning Jacket. My dad wants me to do the song “Daddy What If,” which is a song that I had a hit with when I was six, singing with him. So he wants me to do it with my four year old daughter. We’ll see.

Jim: You’re still living in Nashville, rightn? How’s that treating you?

Bobby: Awesome. Lots of musicians down there. When we did the My Morning Jacket recording, two of The Raconteurs came by just to watch because they live in Nashville. Ben Folds lives in Nashville. Silver Jews, Eef Barzelay, everybody.

Jim: Didn’t you convince Eef to move down there?

Bobby: I wrote a song for him called “Visit Me in Music City.”

Jim: Do you spend much time in Portland?

Bobby: I played here five times I think last year, just because my booking agent and Trevor are here, so I’m here all the time hanging out.

Jim: Any last words for Musicfest?

Bobby: Yeah, have me back again! I’ve gotta beg Trevor! No, I think he has me and Eric Bachmann (of Crooked Fingers) all the time because we’re his favorites and his buddies. He deserves to have a couple of his own. Trevor Choices.

Jim: Maybe his own showcase.

Bobby: Yeah, and he loves Centro-matic. Tonight is really Trevor’s bill.

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  1. Dick Dobbs
    Posted September 13, 2008 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    So, so good. My only question is, WHERE THE HELL IS THE AUDIENCE? One of the best performers running the roads today and NO ONE there to get some. Shameful!

    Come back to Seattle, Bobby. We miss ya and we need ya.

  2. Posted September 14, 2008 at 9:37 am | Permalink

    There were plenty of people at this actual show later that night. I don’t think too many people were expecting to go out to radio show at 4PM in the afternoon. And in comparison, Bobby was one of the bigger draws.

  3. Marcus
    Posted October 3, 2008 at 5:07 am | Permalink

    Maybe a private show….. I almost had one last year i Sweden in the eastern. 6 persons in the audiens but Bobby still kicks ass. I´m looking forward to the Shel Silverstein tribute and hope that he will visit Sweden soon.

  4. Posted October 21, 2008 at 11:27 pm | Permalink

    Bobby’s got it going on. I can’t believe he’s not played more. But that’s mainstream radio for you. If it sounds great and unique, they can’t play it. Sad times we live in. Keep it up Bobby, you’re the best. Your work is amazing.

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