Monday News Mash-Up

  • By contractual obligation, we must talk about Radiohead whenever possible — who knows who’s watching? This week, Ed O’Brien and Colin Greenwood made it known to BBC 6Music that songwriting for an In Rainbows follow-up is well under way. Says Greenwood, “We’ve finished the main bulk of it and we’re off to Japan in a couple of weeks to finish it off.” As of yet, the studio hasn’t been booked and Thom hasn’t enough ghost stories to inspire, but we dare say this is a quick turn-around for a band notoriously plodding in terms of recording.
  • As if Barack Obama’s appeal wasn’t far-reaching as it is, Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt and Black Pus, along with fellow noise-ist Brian Miller of Foot Village, have started Noise for Obama. The website hopes to spread Barack’s platform to fans of underground muzak by collecting statements from fans and artists. Already aiding the cause are Deerhoof, No Age, and These Arms Are Snakes. As of yet, no bands have been making noise for the McCain camp.

  • Not to be out-philanthropied, Ira “Don’t call me Gabe” Kaplan and Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo are participating in this year’s Bike MS New York City Traffic Free to — what else — raise funds for MS research. The married pair are hoping to top the $1000 mark in donations, so if you are feeling giving after reading this, Press One for Ira or Press Two for Georgia. You do know donations are tax deductable, don’t ya? KEXP would like you to know that just for future reference.
  • Peer-to-Peer surfers beware! The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the Enforcement of Intellectual Properties Act by a vote of 14-4. Prodded by the RIAA, the bill will allow federal prosecutors to file civil lawsuits against file-sharers infringing on copyright law. FMBQ also reports the bill will enforce stricter IP laws and tighten piracy and counterfeiting laws. What you are hear is the lobbied rejoicing of greedy RIAA fat cats everywhere backed by the drumming of Lars Ulrich.
  • While all has been quiet in The Strokes camp (aside from Albert Hammond Jr. solo albums), but drummer Fabrizio Moretti hopes to change that with side-project Little Joy’s self-titled debut album. Joined by Binki Shaprio and Roberto Amarante, the outfit is hitting the road with Devendra Banhart before the November 4th Rough Trade release hits shelves.

  • North Carolina mainstay Merge is gearing up for its 20th anniversary with a 14-disc subscription set chronicling the label’s biggest, best, and brightest. The larger-than-life box will be curated by a host of famous folks — from David Byrne to Peter Buck; Zach Galifianakis to Amy Poehler — and cost you your first born child, or $179 until November 8th. Two bonus discs will also be included: one disc featuring covers of Merge artists from non-Merge admirers with the other disc being the obligatory remix set.
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