Review Revue: Superchunk – Superchunk

As has happened for several of the seven summers I’ve lived in Seattle, I totally bailed on Bumbershoot this year. It sounds like there were some great performances, but for whatever reason it was hard for me to muster the necessary enthusiasm for the cash outlay and crowd tolerance that attending this monolithic annual music orgy would have entailed. Still and all, there is one performance I sincerely regret missing, and that’s the triumphant return of Superchunk to the stage. Not only are/were Superchunk flagbearers of 90s indie/college rock in general and the Chapel Hill scene/Merge records in particular, all reports on their Bumbershoot performance that I’ve read about were glowing and overwhelmed. With the huge glut of 90s reunions hitting the clubs and festivals over the past couple years, you’d be forgiven for being somewhat skeptical, but apparently this was the real deal, and I’m damn sorry to have missed it. (As an aside: Now that I think of it, most of this recent spate of reunions that I can think of seem to have come off quite well. Any examples of ill-advised or poorly executed recent reunions come to mind?)

With that all in mind, I thought it would be fun to dig back in time to the first Superchunk CD to pass through the doors of KCMU and see what folks thought of these legends-to-be 18 years ago. Without further ado, here we have it:

“Great, frenzied rock-n-pop that’s bursting over with enthusiasm. Try 1, 2 and 10 to get started. Only #6 [“Slack Motherfucker”] can’t be played (and it’s probably the best song!). Hell, play all the others. This is great.”

“These guys rock! Unfortunately, one of the best songs (6) is a red dot, but the whole CD is great. Check it out. (Sorry I couldn’t think of anything more descriptive to say.) Oh, they’re from North Carolina and recently toured with Olympia’s mighty Seaweed!”

“Yes, Kathy, I like this a lot.”

Yes, a lot. I suggest an H. Can’t the FCC just let us play ‘Slack MoFo’ a few times?”

“I wish!”

“Saw these folks live in NYC with Reggy — they ruled. Kinda Dinosaur-Jr.-ish, I guess, but the vocals were more direct (less drawled-out). Very enjoyable!”

Straight from the source. Superchunk: ruling from 1990 to 2008 and beyond!

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  1. rodrigo
    Posted September 25, 2008 at 9:25 am | Permalink

    superchunk keeps rocking since 1989 (or 1990)! i hope they come back to south america asap!

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