Fall Membership Drive: With the help of listeners like you!

KEXP’s Membership Drives provide a unique opportunity for our DJs to take a few extra minutes between sets and remind you just how important pledging your support is to KEXP. But it’s our listeners who can explain — sometimes better than we can — the real value of becoming a supporting member, just as long-time listener and member Steve does here:

How did you first discover KEXP? What was your first listening experience like?

I was a KCMU listener, and in the mid-90s I joined as a low-paying rank-and-file member. Actually, I was part of KUOW’s limited 1970 experiment in late night rock and roll as a DJ. I lasted several months on air and was hooked on the idea of a new radio station. KCMU came a couple of years later, but I never got the signal. By the late 80s or early 90s, I was a dedicated listener again.

What first prompted you to donate to KEXP? Why do you donate now?

I love the DJ-directed programming — the fact that it’s listener-supported community radio and not a part of the commercial radio soundscape. Then, there’s the live in-studio performances, the support for artists, and Radio Liberation, which has Seattle providing good radio in New York. Plus, my donations support the need to help KEXP expand its streaming audio services and grow as an organization.

What does it mean to you to listen as a donor?

When I listen, I now feel engaged with the music and the programs. I feel I have made a worthy donation to a hugely worthy non-profit that rewards me with new music and older stuff played in a new context. My donation makes me part of those folks committed to keeping radio free, listener-powered, and openly creative without negative corporate directives.

If you were to persuade someone else to donate to KEXP, what would you say?

Look, radio — like media of all kinds — is gobbled up every year into corporate nets. Donate to KEXP and keep radio commercial-free and in the hands of the listeners. This organization brings music that matters to listeners around the globe! KEXP.ORG can be heard in Berlin, Delhi, Tokyo, and even Ballard (I live in Ballard). Keep it that way — donate today!

Thank you, Steve! You too can help support KEXP during the 2008 Fall Membership Drive, now under way!

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