Fall Membership Drive: KEXP hearts our volunteers!

Volunteers are waiting to answer your call!

Volunteers are essential to KEXP’s success at all times of the year. During the Fall Membership Drive in particular, we are extremely fortunate to have an amazing crew of volunteers who come in each day and generously share their time and answer your calls. One such person is Richelle, who contributes her talents as a KEXP volunteer, and like many of our Pledge Room volunteers, she donates on-top of contributing her time. We hope you’re enjoying reading about why various donors decided to join the KEXP community as a KEXP Member. You power KEXP, and you can help us reach our goals today by making a gift of support.

How did you first hear about KEXP?

My husband and I discovered KEXP shortly after moving to Seattle in 2005 — we just wish we would have found it sooner! Now, KEXP is our constant companion, playing on our work computers, car and home stereos and iPods nearly 24 hours a day. Before we found KEXP, my approach to finding new music was listening to all the “new artists” at music store listening stations, and only occasionally coming home with something new. Now, every day that I listen to KEXP I am introduced to at least one new artist that I enjoy. KEXP has also given me an appreciation for music genres I may not have otherwise learned to value.

What made you decide to become a donor?

I believe in supporting causes that are important to me. As a life-long music lover, finding KEXP was like discovering buried treasure. KEXP has enriched my life in countless ways — from introducing me to new artists and connecting me with other music lovers to giving me the chance to hear some of my favorite bands perform live on the air. KEXP is a one-of-a-kind organization that connects the music to the listener. I absolutely love the VIP Shows and the other goodies I get for being a donor. However, it is the knowledge that the station would not exist without its supporters that makes me renew my membership every year.

How does KEXP add value to your life?

KEXP is the soundtrack of my life. Whether I’m sitting at my desk at work while John, Cheryl and Kevin get my through the workday, listening to a podcast on an airplane or listening to a CD of my “new favorite band” that KEXP introduced me to, KEXP provides the background music for everything I do. This past summer, KEXP went off the air at brief intervals to allow workers near the transmitter. Those few seconds everyday made me realize what a world without KEXP would be like. KEXP is a rare and valuable asset that connects artists and music lovers in innovative ways. It is so much more than a radio station, it is a community.

Thanks, Richelle for keeping KEXP listener-powered! You too can feel the pride of investing in KEXP by making a gift of support now.

Flurry of activity in the 8am hour

Willie has been a long-time volunteer and donor — since the KCMU days! — and he arrived at 5:45am this morning to answer your call, even with a broken knee cap. He kept it elevated and helped countless listeners become donors

John’s in the TV! He can watch you when you’re pledging

Sarah flew in from Boston on Friday for vacation. She’s been listening for a few years and decided to make a pledge right when she got into town. After a weekend full of music — John in the Morning at Night on Friday, REVERBfest and Grand Archives on Saturday — she woke up at 5:30am to answer phones. How awesome is that?

The membership drive staple — CUPCAKES!

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  1. anne dederer
    Posted October 6, 2008 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    i have never gotten up at 5 am for the pledge drive, i always answer phones during the midday show – still get the john and cheryl vibe but a little later ;-)
    but you know what, I had a great time this morning at 6 am and love kexp all the more!

  2. anne dederer
    Posted October 6, 2008 at 12:21 pm | Permalink

    oh and by the way anne on queen anne hearts KEXP too !

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