The Fall Membership Drive: Straight from the horses’ mouths

You are the listeners who power KEXP. Your gift of support today means that KEXP will continue to bring you hours of great music, live performances, and podcasting services, every day. In these strange times, it is more important than ever to reflect on what’s important in your life, and then act on your convictions. You love KEXP, so why not help support this amazing music resource that’s helping you get through these crazy days? Just like you need us more than ever, I can honestly say that we need YOU more than ever, as well!

Here are some of the inspiring emails we’ve received over the last few days. We thought you’d enjoy them.

The KEXP Membership Drive mascots

I have donated for years and this year joined the 500 club and couldn’t be more thankful to KEXP. When I met my current girlfriend, our first date was the Drive by Truckers VIP show. We were talking at a bar and I had only known her for about 30 min before I said, ” I have tickets to this KEXP VIP show on Sunday would you like to go?” She said yes and seven months later it couldn’t be better.

We talked about that moment the other night as I’m getting ready to renew my $500 pledge this drive when I come in and work the tally shift this Thursday morning.

She told me that even though she didn’t know me, she knew KEXP and the VIP club. When I asked her to go she immediately knew that I was “one of those people” — a person passionate about music and passionate about giving. It sealed the deal for her. Thank you KEXP and the 500 Club. I have never been happier and never had such a beautiful relationship, thank you KEXP and thank you Kelsey for believing in me and KEXP.

– John

Today’s morning volunteer superstars

At my green MBA school, we have been talking about local currency and how critical it is to support local endeavors now, more than any other time. When many of us are afraid for our own financial security, we must move beyond our scarcity model of thinking and into shared, community endeavors.

In KEXP, we have an opportunity to lend our hand to an organization that excels in delivering positive messages, from the excellence of the music programming to the level of dedication of DJ’s and staff. The very fact that KEXP exists — a non-profit, community-sponsored radio station of higher quality than many for-profit radio stations — is a testament to the amazing work that people with a shared vision and purpose can create.

We thank you for the inspiration you continue to give us. We will be renewing our membership this year, to assure that you’ll get us through the tough times.

– Carrie

This is what you’re pledging for — music to soothe the soul

I visited a KEXP sponsored show at the Mural Amphitheater this summer. Great show, but as I looked around at the crowd I honestly said “these are my people”. All these very cool, open minded peeps sharing a common passion for music made me feel a real sense of community. Music had always been my passion, but it had gone a bit dormant in my busy life. KEXP has awakened the beast! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just pledged $500 as a newbie and I feel that it is long overdue, as I have been a long-time listener. Keep up the kick ass work! Long live KEXP!

– Branko

KEXP is award-winning radio

Thank you so much for doing what you do! You both, as well as Kevin, get me through my workdays and I am thankful for it. I have been a member for a little over 4 years now and really want to encourage anyone who has been listening to donate. Any amount will do and every gift is appreciated, so just pick up the phone! Being a member of KEXP connects you to other amazing music fans across the world, and I am so grateful that this station exists! Thank you again for everything!

– Stefania

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