Review Revue: Soundgarden – Ultramega OK

Hey, you know what I just realized? I missed my chance a couple weeks ago to have a big Review Revue anniversary post! That’s right, it’s already been over a year of digging into the archives of KCMU and sharing the wisdom and wisecrackery of our DJs with the masses. (Which means if you’re new to this scene, there’s over 50 RR posts in the archives for you to check out. Get on it!) Pardon me while I take a moment to pat myself on the back here.

OK, now on the blog… Today’s selection is Soundgarden‘s first full-length album, Ultramega OK, which was released for some reason on SST and not Sub Pop, as their first EPs were. So, yes, we’ve covered Soundgarden before here on Review Revue — so sue me! To be honest, I’ve never been much of a fan myself, but living in Seattle it’s hard to deny their power, and looking back over these old record covers it’s hard to deny the enthusiasm they inspire — I mean seriously, I haven’t seen this much gushing since Old Faithful. So far this one hasn’t made it into the Top 903 along with Superunknown and Badmotorfinger, but hopefully it’ll show up somewhere in the top 160-something.

“Well… it’s here. Ultramega drum sound. Chris is singin’, though at times it’s buried among the instrumentation. You’ll be groovin’.”

“You’ll be groovin’ indeed. I cannot believe how incredibly good this is. Even Hiro’s vocals on ‘Circle of Power’ sound OK. Heavy Happy & Happening.”


“I remember when I discovered rockin’ fuckin’ guitars…”

“You’re funny.”

“I know, and I still remember when I discovered ‘r.f.g.'”

“The Pretty Things of the 80s (a strange connection). Who knows. I like their record better than live shows because my ears don’t bleed.”

“Oh man. This sounds so much more like their live stuff than what Sub Pop released. What will A&M do with this?”

“Heavy fucking shit! Play this loud or don’t. This is gonna sell so many copies — don’t hate ‘em when it does, OK (unless you already did). An instant H.”

“Production doesn’t really capture their colossal sound on some tracks. Love ‘Smokestack’ tho.”

“More heavy than The Melvins. Rocks raw.”

“Nothing is more heavy than The Melvins. Sorry. [I would have to agree…] 1 to 5, with The Melvins being 5, this rates a 3 1/2 at best.”

“Scott, you’re making me cry! Why can’t you just leave me alone? (Sob!) Maybe you’re right, but what about a guy’s feelings? Boo-hoo!”

“Love the Lennon cover (2.6). [‘One Minute of Silence,’ based on Lennon’s ‘Two Minutes of Silence,’ is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.]”

“Time for M!”

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