Thursday News Threads

  • Nobama!? Last week, CBS insisted that No Age guitarist Randy Randall remove the Obama t-shirt he was wearing before he stepped onstage for the final taping of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. A CBS rep cited a federal statute — the Equal Time Rule — as the reason; the rule is designed to give political candidates equivalent time on television and radio broadcasts. (NB. As we’ve confirmed in recent weeks, insisting on equal airtime between McCain and Obama supporters may require musicians to maintain a constitutionally dubious and complete absence from the airwaves.) Randall considered bailing on the show but instead exercised a bit of creativity: He turned his t-shirt inside out and wrote “Free Health Care” for the masses. Unclear whether “free” is an adjective or a verb, but, either way, we dig it. The show will air on October 27 — 8 days before 2008’s Spectacular Spectacular.
  • MMJ‘s Jim James took a bad spill, but, thankfully, we think he’s okay. Thirty minutes into its performance in Iowa City (and heading toward the conclusion of Off the Record), My Morning Jacket saw its frontman James slip and fall, badly hurting his torso. James was hospitalized, the show ended, and the band has subsequently had to cancel several performances, including an Obama benefit in Louisville. The band has issued a statement explaining that James will be recovering for the next two to three weeks. We extent our sympathies and wish James a speedy recovery.

  • Christmas on Mars! The directorial debut of Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne comes not only with the alliterative subtitle ” A Fantastical Film Freakout Featuring the Flaming Lips” but also — we have recently learned — a Seattle screening date: November 21-22 at the Northwest Film Forum. As audiences in New York learned at the film’s debut last month, the plot involves, as one might predict, Christmas on Mars. At said location, while there may be no grinch, there IS a oxygen generator and a gravity control pod malfunction. Of course. One hopes the planet’s colonizers (as played by band members and others Lips affiliates) thought to make enough room in the spaceship for Yoshimi.
  • Our attempt at obeying the Equal Time Rule: Colin Meloy of The Decemberists wants you to vote! And he’ll thank you graciously you no matter who you chose. Meloy is participating in “The Ultimate College Bowl,” a contest designed to award the college with the highest percentage of its students registered to vote. Meloy has undertaken this effort while he and the rest of the Portland-based Decemberists have begun mixing their latest album, Hazards of Love.
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