Midnight Album Spotlight: The Chemical Brothers – Singles 93-03

The day is gray and the color has drained from the world. Another Seattle winter/fall/spring morning. It’s that kind of mood that keeps reoccurring during the cold months in this seaside town. It feels like you’re in a black and white photo. It also feels like the grey will go on forever. Where is the fire? Where are the colors: red, orange, yellow?

My radio is on fire. The DJ dropped a song from The Chemical Brothers – a London band who used to just make music from samples. They still do, but now they make the samples too. It’s reconstructed music constructed from the ground up.

Step off the grey cliff — into the song. Red. Orange. Yellow. You are now officially in the flames, and it feels so good.

“Song to The Siren” is the opening (and in my opinion, the best track) on the collection Singles 93-03 by the Chemical Brothers. It is an undeniable dance song. The kind that you play on the radio when you’re DJing and the phones light up. E-mails come in from around the world “What’s that song?” It was originally released in 1992 under the name The Dust Brothers on beautiful vinyl.

This sort of best of collection from the Chemical Brothers’ Singles 93-03 also boasts other “tear the roof off” dance tracks like “Out of Control” and smart, melodic anti-robot songs like “The Golden Path”. “The Golden Path” features Wayne from the Flaming Lips.

My name’s Michele Myers and I choose music for (and host) a radio show here on KEXP Friday nights at 9pm. The show is Nite Life and I play lots of dance music. At 12 o’clock on Friday nights I keep myself (and you) awake by doing a Midnight Album Spotlight, where I choose a favorite record and tell you something about it and spin 3 tracks. This week you’ll hear this release from the Chemical Brothers. I was feeling poetic today and rather abstract while I was writing this, but I might do something totally different Friday night. See you there.

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  1. OCKerouac
    Posted October 15, 2008 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    Oh! To have some of that perpetual Seattle grey… It’s in the high 80’s here, and while I know I shouldn’t complain, all I’ve got to say is it’s October, and that just ain’t right…

    IMO Washington>California…

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