Monday News Mash-Up

  • Bow down to Thurston Moore, who is now venturing into the world of art. As part of the Museum of Modern Art’s Looking at Music exhibit, Moore will play host to a December 1st showing of David Bowie videos gifted from Ziggy’s archive.
  • Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, better known to earthlings as Daft Punk, are now being immortalized as toy bears. Made by Medicom, the figurines are dressed up in Daft’s finest stage threads.
  • Frank Zappa is about to get the reissue treatment courtesy of The Zappa Family Trust. Headed by wife Gail, Frank’s first two studio albums (Lumpy Gravy and We’re Only In It for the Money) are being combined into a 3-disc monster titled Lumpy Money. Due November 25th, the set will include two separate mixes of the albums as well as a rare Igor Stravinsky-influenced orchestral version of “Lumpy Gravy.” The Zappa Family Trust promises this is just the beginning of their 40th Anniversary Zappa reissues as they continue to wade through Frank’s vault.
  • On the heels of the release of Receivers, Parts & Labor are asking fans to yell into their phone receivers to supply the band with noise to incorporate into their live shows. By dialing (888) 317-5596 and waiting for the beep, you can contribute by making whatever guttural noise that comes naturally. To hear your contribution in person, just check ‘em out when they come through Seattle this Thursday (Oct. 30th) to rock The Vera Project.
  • Hypebot is sharing the latest findings from A2IM regarding the lack of independent music on broadcast radio and the news isn’t good — unless you’re a major label bigwig. Independent labels are continually shut out thanks to the role of payola. With indie music doing well in the new market (satellite and internet radio), the news isn’t all bad but don’t expect to hear many of your favorite artists breaking through to the mainstream anytime soon.
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