Grammy MusicTech Summit 08 – November 6 & 7 at McCaw Hall

This Thursday and Friday, Seattle will be host to a unique, no doubt very exciting meeting of music business minds, spanning wide areas of expertise and ideas currently moving the uses of music forward. From big and small label executives to buzz-creating bloggers, Fair Use advocates and music publishers, graphic designers and band managers, from all over the Pac NW and across the globe, Grammy MusicTech Summit 08 is to be held at the McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center, November 6 and 7.

Industry golems such as Microsoft, eMusic, and Rhapsody, as well as a big gaggle of underground picadors, will be represented at the conference. It’s going to be great to see and hear milieu visionary Dave Allen (from Gang of Four and the splendid Pamplemoose website), genius design brothers Don and Ryan Clark from Tooth & Nail, participants from crucial Seattle all ages venue the Vera Project, and other cultural creativity catalysts like Tim Keck (the publisher of influential alt-weekly The Stranger), Josh Rosenfeld from Barsuk, Megan Jasper from Sub Pop and Portia Sabin from Kill Rock Stars and other great label people, KEXP’s own Derek Mazzone, and a bunch of attorneys, all shaking their fists at possible grim days ahead. (Personal recommendations: Dave Allen is always a hoot and an encouragement; Tim Quirk from Rhapsody is consistently incredibly wise and funny at the EMP Pop Conference; Charles R. Cross, author and the publisher of The Rocket, knows more about the music biz than most people are able to forget; and Jesse Flores markets Easy Street Records so well I still spend too much money there even if I get what I need for free.) In this economy, I wouldn’t want to miss the forums on music licensing, retail, gaming, and especially digital distribution.

Talk about a class-spanning, music business-layered dialogue! I personally avoid most things with “Grammy” in the name but less commercially aware and even more casual listeners of KEXP would probably find choice panels to attend at this event, because of the diversity of voices and the choices of topics. I can’t wait to hear from Cedric Ross (Culture Mob), Jason Hughes (Sonic Boom), Slim Moon (Shot Clock Management), and the aforementioned Jasper, all huge heroes of mine whom I hear can chat things up. But that’s just me — but if you’re into learning more about music business law, the best studios, what to look for in band management, design, the Grammy MusicTech Summit 08 is probably a whole other dazzling world for you as well. I am looking forward to it almost as much as I do the EMP Pop Conference, and from a mostly for-love freelance writer and publicist that’s saying a lot.

For schedule and more specific and less opinionated panelist information, go to, or call 206-834-1000. Complimentary admission for Academy members, while guest and general admission is $175 for a two-day pass and $100 for just one day.

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    Thank you for this music event post. I wished I had found this a lot sooner, it looks like it will be a fantastic affair.

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