Thursday News Threads

  • The Twentieth Annual Rock & Roll Charity Auction, sponsored by Rock For Kids, will take place December 5 at Chicago’s Park West. A non-profit aimed at assisting underserved children and teens, Rock For Kids has raised over $3 million in its two decades of auctioning, and the children of Chicago have benefited with increased music education and related programs. This year, they’ve got a ton of interesting stuff, from albums signed by Cat Power and Steve Earl, to autographed guitars from the Hives and Sheryl Crow, a light box from Tapes n’ Tapes, a suit worn by Snoop Dogg, and practically everything in between. Time to pull yourself away from eBay and start bidding for th’ kids.
  • Bassist Chi Cheng of the Deftones is in a serious, but stable condition in a California hospital after suffering major injuries in a car accident Monday night. Each day the band is putting up suggestions for what we all can do in his honor: Today’s request is to be sure to wear your seatbelt. Our thoughts go out to Mr. Cheng and to his friends and family, as we hope for a quick and complete recovery.
  • From Pitchfork, via TMZ (that model of discretion), Mos Def has a warrant out for his arrest. The alleged trouble reportedly stemmed from a heated exchange with a photographer in Las Vegas. According to Pitchfork, “Mos and the shutterbug in question, one Volker Corell, reportedly clashed at the Men’s Apparel and Garment Industry Convention (MAGIC) in Vegas, at which Corell was an official photographer. TMZ reports that Corell’s picture-taking raised the ire of Smith, who apparently responded by forcibly removing the camera from Corell’s neck, smashing it on the ground, and absconding with the pieces–allegedly injuring Corell’s hand in the process.” Mos Def reportedly faces charges of felony robbery and malicious destruction of private property. Depending on how things transpire, the rapper will be here in Seattle on December 13, performing songs off his new album (The Ecstatic, to be released November 25).

  • There was an election! That’s right, on Tuesday. The music community, which has been very much involved throughout the campaigns, made it all the more dramatic on Election Day, with bands announcing the results on stage (as Michael Stipe, above, did in Santiago, Chile), and audiences responding accordingly. Brooklyn Vegan has put together a cool set of photos and videos marking the occasion. Radiohead, for its part, has provided to the public a new remix to celebrate, among other things, “nov 5th” and “the dawn of a new era in politics in the USA.”
  • Also in news at least tangentially related to the election, Bruce Springsteen–fresh off several months worth of rallying for Obama and the debut of a new song (Workin’ on a Dream) at a November 1st event–will be releasing his new album “around the time of the Presidential Inauguration in January 2009,” according to Backstreets.
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