Review Revue: Tanita Tikaram – Eleven Kinds of Loneliness

This week’s installment of Review Revue is a bit more modest than last week’s, but my fingers are still tired from all that typing! Yesterday, I stumbled across some CDs in the KEXP library by an artist named Tanita Tikaram. I was first exposed to her music via her cover of “Loving You” on the 1990 Last Temptation of Elvis compilation (which I had in a super-fancy double-cassette edition, and which is absolutely worth seeking out — if only for Pop Will Eat Itself’s ridiculous version of “Rock-a-Hula Baby”), and haven’t really heard much of her since then, but she’s been steadily making music since 1988, with her most recent album being released in 2005.

Anyway, here’s our copy of 1992’s Eleven Kinds of Loneliness, which finds the KCMU staff pondering her evolution as an artist…

“I think she’s turning into Leonard Cohen. Her hair’s getting shorter, she’s started wearing suits, and her voice is getting deeper. Very ‘Cohen-ish’ overall to me.”

“Very excellent! She has a lot of passion. Just for the first time hearing this sent shivers down my back. Yes!”

“Beautiful voice, great folk tunes — a few are a bit overproduced, but 10 makes up for those.”

“Her voice has gotten lower, almost masculine, and the songwriting has improved tenfold over previous material. This is low-key and lovely. Any cut will do.”

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