Review Revue: Clive Pig – A Sense of the Size of the World

Clive Pig!!! How could I pull out a record by someone named Clive Pig and not want to share it with all of you? Do a little Internet searching and you might find out more than me, but Clive Pig seems to be a mysterious figure. I believe this is his Internet home (awkward url and all), and he seems to now go by “Clive Pig the Storyfella.” says “Clive Pig is a Londoner and member of the Rogue Folk movement.” And that’s all they say. Hm.

Hold up! A little youtube search turned up this truly excellent pop gem from Clive Pig and the Hopeful Chinamen, circa 1979. Good stuff! Well, what did KCMUers say about Clive Pig in 1987?

“What’s this? A new LP from Clive Pig? You better believe it. Contains songs from his ’85 EP but new stuff too. Clive be OK in my book!”

“Clive is near to bad.”

“Dig them bossies!”

“What about the Chinamen; have they lost hope(ful)? This is great and should be considered for H.”

“Very fine record.”

“Review in a word: ‘NICE.’ Best song award: ‘It’s a Secret.'”

“No, ‘At the Church’ is best.”

“Nick Haeffner, who plays guitar here (and was a Hopeful Chinaman) has an LP and two EPs on Bam Caruso. They’re quite good.” [And wouldn’t you know it, here is Mr. Haeffner’s personal web site! It always makes me sad to see someone refer to himself as a “former musician,” but it seems like he’s doing all right for himself.]

“Best album of the year to date.” [That’s quite a bold statement, this being the year that produced Appetite for Destruction, Joshua Tree, Sonic Youth’s Sister, Prince’s Sign O’ the Times and other classics!]


“‘My Room’ kinda has a ‘Roadrunner’ riff running through it, and it’s a good song too.”

“‘The Demon of [unintelligible]’ kind of reminds me Pee Wee Herman”

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  1. Barney
    Posted February 8, 2009 at 1:10 am | Permalink

    I saw Clive Pig play many times. He was a resident of St.Albans. There were other bands around the same time: CD People, Ideal Dave And The Superbs. But we all looked up to Clive Pig.

  2. DJ El Toro
    Posted October 1, 2012 at 2:03 pm | Permalink

    “The Sun in August” from A Sense of the Size of the World was #30 in the Top 90.3 of 1987 countdown, hosted by Damon Creed and Art Aubry and aired on KCMU on December 31, 1987.

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