Review Revue: Robyn Hitchcock – Eye

You know, it used to be when you said (or wrote) the name “Robyn” in reference to music, it was obvious to whom you were referring. These days it’s a little more confusing, but odds are if you’re around KEXP we all know whom you mean. Robyn Hitchcock has been a favorite around here for ages, whether it be with the Soft Boys, the Egyptians, or totally solo. (And the feeling seems to be mutual; Robyn seems to have quite the thing for our area, from “Viva Sea-Tac” to “Belltown Ramble.”) Today in Review Revue, we’ll take a look at his 4th solo album, Eye, which came out right around the time I saw him play an Earth Day concert in Foxboro, Massachusetts, along with Willie Nelson and many other luminaries.

“Hitchcock sounds eerily more like John Lennon all the time. Solo acoustic stuff, on Twin Tone as a thank you to fans who supported his indy releases. This is just great – many songs are extremely erotic, but with that Hitchcock twist – just when you think you’ve figured them out, Robyn throws you for a loop.”

“I’ve heard a lot of Hitchcock and this just doesn’t do now what some of it did then.”

“Beginning of ‘Clickot’ sounds like Opal! Gee, this is B-U-T-Full”

“I like! Sounds like a follow-up to I Often Dream of Trains.”

“Quite a disappointment, I’m afraid. Certainly does not compare favorably to the brilliant ‘Trains’ LP. You should get that on CD, Kathy, as the vinyl is shot.

“I really like ‘Glass Hotel.'”

“KCMU welcomes to the Backstage 7/10/90″

“I haven’t been a fan of recent stuff, and I was skeptical at first, but jeez, this is great.”

At the bottom right corner are two circular stickers. The one on the right shows an arrow pointing to the larger pink circle on the album cover, and the one on the left was obviously put there later:

“Is this a legendary pink dot?”

“No, its green”

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  1. Damon Creed
    Posted December 11, 2008 at 9:02 pm | Permalink

    Levi… follow the clue to —> legendary pink dot…. You will be amply rewarded with material for Review Revue.

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