Thursday News Threads

  • Having already captured the hearts (and credit cards) of iPod customers everywhere, Damon Albarn of the Gorillaz is joining back up with Alex James, Dave Rowntree, and Graham Coxon for a real live Blur reunion to take place at London’s Hyde Park on July 3, 2009. For those of us partial to the self-described “A-Team” of Britpop, this is altogether big news: The last time they were together it was still 2000, my friends. So give me coffee and TV. And a ticket to Heathrow.
  • Billy Corgan is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take [his fan base] anymore!! Speaking with the Chicago Tribune‘s Greg Kot after one of the Smashing Pumpkins’ 20th anniversary tour performances, Corgan explained, inter alia, “[w]e’re done with the record business,” “[t]here is no point,” and, somewhat more specifically, “[t]he listening patterns have changed, so why are we killing ourselves to do albums, to create balance, and do the arty track to set up the single? It’s done.” Midlife crisis, perchance? Hitting a new decade’s never easy, but this anniversary tour’s really presented a rough ride: Per Kot, “the 41-year-old west suburban native [had] finished off the opening night at the Chicago Theatre with a combination rant/comedic monologue that angered many in his audience. ‘What do you want from us?’ Corgan said with mock exasperation while fans booed or streamed toward the exits.” Yow!
  • Is nothing sacred? Boston postal worker/former art student Timothy McGee has sued Andre “3000” Benjamin for stealing ideas for use in his now-defunct Cartoon Network series Class of 3000. Per the Boston Herald, the lawsuit alleged that McGee’s show followed a group of young musicians “as they try to break into Atlanta’s burgeoning music scene,” with characters including “a young corporate type” hoping to become a music producer, a “tough full-of-attitude female executive, a young techno-whiz sound engineer, a talented young Asian singer and a central energetic young singer/rapper.” The lawsuit also alleges that Andre 3000’s (Emmy Award-winning, two-season) show, likewise set in Atlanta, featured “an energetic, aspiring music producer, a ‘tough, brash full-of-attitude’ female string player, a ‘technological genius bass player, and talented twins of Asian ethnicity.'” Too similar to be legal? Who knows, but McGee’s current request for damages runs about $2 million. Maybe McGee is right. But think of the kids, Tim! They really don’t need any more evidence of poor role models this year.

  • Internet service providers in the UK are blocking users from accessing The Scorpions‘ Wikipedia page. Pourquoi? According to the Internet Watch Foundation, a throat-clearing “watchdog group,” the photo displayed on the page — of the Scorpions’ 1976 album cover entitled Virgin Killer — could be illegal. The photo consists of a naked girl seen through broken glass. Out of an abundance of caution, we have provided you with album art from a 2004 Scorpions released creatively entitled Box of Scorpions. See? Isn’t that nice? Who says censorship’s a problem?
  • Best of 2008 — already. Via Brooklyn Vegan, here’re Ryan Adam‘s picks, ranging from Fleet Foxes to Mariah Carey. Obviously.
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