Song of the Day: The Very Sexuals – Carla

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today’s featured selection, chosen by Morning Show host John Richards, is “Carla” by The Very Sexuals from 2008’s Post Apocalyptic Love on Subroutine Records.

The Very Sexuals – Carla (MP3)

There was a time when turning on the radio, throwing on a LP, or slipping in a CD meant that no matter the genre or band, inevitably a song was going to cross your ears that centered on a fictional girl written with factual evidence. For three decades of music (70s-90s), many hits rode this pathos straight to the bank whether it was paved with pop, country, metal, or alternative.

So goes “Carla,” from The Very Sexuals. It contains a girl’s name. It waxes poetic about situations and habits we’re sure are based in reality. It mashes pop and rock from three decades of modern music into a nice, neat package. “Carla” is all jingly guitars, arresting melodies, and soothing vocals — the sort of music that led many of us away from commercial radio and VH1 into the bins of local record stores and more adventurous music programming. But the flashback you’ll receive with The Very Sexuals isn’t just musical. You can’t help but feel pulled into a world of young teenage romance — when your butterflies and anxieties got the best of you; when crushes switched from one person to the next on a whim; when a kiss and holding hands was just as scandalous as sex in a bathroom stall. The Very Sexuals tap into the psyche of youth. Sights and sounds of a past life triggered in just a 3-minute pop song. Only the very best can take us away to our own land of blurred truth and fiction — a world inhabited by the like-minded Very Sexuals.

The Very Sexuals are also very tourless, according to their MySpace page, but they’ve made up for it by offering a free download of Post Apocalyptic Love via their website. We can offer no video proof of The Very Sexuals’ existence, probably because any visual evidence would be considered taboo.

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