Expansions Live Broadcast & MLK Celebration @ Neumos 1/18



by Riz Rollins

Reflection on a party…

This is what a friend of the family said to me on June 2, 1964. I was ten years old. It sounds so much like today:


“This is one of them days. You’re gonna remember this day for the rest of your life ! You’re gonna grow up and have kids, and they’re gonna have kids, and you’re gonna have to tell them about this day and where you were. And you’ll have to tell them because things are gonna change fast now and when your kids get born and come along they won’t know about what happened today. Maybe they’ll have a regular life and it won’t matter what they look like. Or how much money they don’t make. Maybe it won’t matter who their friends are. It won’t matter where they work or who they marry. Where they come from. Where they live. Who they love. By the time you have those kids this day will be just a dull day in history. So you’ll have to tell them what it was like before this day. They prolly won’t believe it though. I kind of don’t believe it now. 

“Things are gonna be different I’m telling you and I’m not even sure how. But I know they’re gonna be different. And don’t think that everybody is gonna accept it and be fine with it. A lot of people don’t like change all that much, even when they say they do. And for others it won’t be enough and they’re kind of right. It isn’t enough. Too many people still gonna be cold and hungry and living someplace that ain’t home. Some other people love stupidity And the meaness of people. Some people love meaness. you’re gonna see some very creative meaness out there.

“But remember this day, this once in a lifetime day. See how people are out in the streets in places far far away from here. People you won’t ever meet but it’s the kind of day you should be meeting people This day is bigger than being by yourself on your couch looking out the window. This is the kind of day that needs some music. You should call some friends and they should call their friends. Everybody should be together. people shouldn’t have go to work or school. Call them and invite them to your house, and if the house isn’t big enough, they should hang out around the house and if more people show up they should go to some place where they can all be together and dance and remember this day in their feet and shoulders and in their different dancing faces.”


On Sunday, January 18, KEXP is proudest of prouds to host the first dance party of the next four years at Neumos and celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on the eve of his birthday holiday and the exciting coincidence of the inauguration of our 45th president. Me (Riz that is), Masa and very special guests Sun Tzu Sound will be doing the honors for the live broadcast of Expansions with doors opening at 8 and going until 2am because you know you wanna party… because you may not have to work the next day… Admission is $5 at the door, KEXP members in free with valid KEXP Member Card.

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