Review Revue: Dead Moon – Stranded in the Mystery Zone


There are so many underrated, yet cherished treasures in Northwest rock music. Take Dead Moon, for instance. Never a household name, they nonetheless inspired adoration and dedication among fans around the world for the almost-20 years they were a band. Thousands more people than have ever heard of Dead Moon have probably heard their songs covered by Pearl Jam and/or Eddie Vedder. Doing things completely their own way (to the point of mastering their own vinyl records on the mono lathe that was used to cut “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen), and never seeming to strive for recognition, the husband-and-wife team set an example for the DIY musicians of the 90s and the 00s. Dead Moon broke up in their 20th year of being a band, only to almost immediately turn around and form a new band, Pierced Arrows, and go right back to making records and touring. In their 50s now, Toody and Fred Cole seem to have more energy, drive and dedication than any of the 20- and 30-somethings playing rock music in the NW today.

In 1991, when Stranded in the Mystery Zone was released, Dead Moon were still a relatively new band (only having been together for 4 years and released, uh, six albums), but they already seemed to have many converts at KCMU.

“Arguably the best, most passionate live band around, and the records are great, too. Fred’s been recording for a quarter century and the others are probably not far behind. Always for love, never for money. This should be in H, and when they come back in Sept., everyone should go see them. ‘Spectacle’ is the high point, also 1-2.”

“Well, shut my mouth! This is good. Try ‘Jane.'”

“How much passion can you bear? How much soul – and really loud guitar. Dead Moon + Rob + Satana + Tequila = Nirvana.”

“Awesome awesome awesome!”

“Yay yay yay! Dead Moon kicks butt!”

“They are really big in Germany, no one there can believe only a dozen people turn up for their shows here.”

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