Oh, Messy Life: Healthy Times and a secrety party


by Ben Funkhouser

Martin Luther King was a really inspirational and worthy American hero. He set the stage for civil rights activists of all denominations, working for the rights of all oppressed people. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend is generally regarded as a holiday for most, and to me, it was a time to enjoy the benefits of my American freedom. I did this by relaxing, and attending shows for the first time in forever. At first I had opted to see Wolves in the Throne Room with Snuggle at the Underground Events Center, but I ended up at a much more accessible show in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Math the Band was playing. I knew Math the Band from a previous house show about a year before, and from touring with Harry and the Potters as part of the “ULIMITED ENTHUSIASM” tour over the summer. Unlimited enthusiasm is exactly what I expected from the one-man Boston act. Expect and ye shall receive. Also bands that I really like opened. Iji, World History and Yes, Oh Yes. I missed World History cause I was going to get chocolate milk. But gosh darn did Iji totally rule! They were the best pop act I’ve seen in forever; with old members of Patience Please, a twee/indie pop group that broke up a yearish ago. Zach Burba, the leader, writes some damn charming songs. Many instruments were played, and swapped. Fun was had. Their songs got me in a super mood for Math the Band. He played his set with two members of Iji as his backing band. His 1000000000000000BPM speed electronic pop punk jams got everyone dancing and stoked. Dance was the word of the night. As quickly as it began, his set was over, and Yes, Oh Yes was next. I’ve loved Yes, Oh Yes since forever and this was my first time seeing them as a 3 piece. They had removed Shig and Molvar, keeping only Jordan and Kellen, and adding a new member. Something wasn’t right. Jordan’s powerful and beautiful voice was there, but the songs didn’t sound the same. I want to see them again before I pass a judgment. All in all, this show was a success. I left feeling super good.

My friend Christopher Brown had no idea that all of his buddies were planning a birthday show/party for him. We made up some fake band names to be playing; one made the cut. Titties. Titties from Portland. Fucking stupid. Masters and Johnson and Talbot Tagora were playing too, as well as Braidstorm’s first show. It was a total success. He had no idea what was going on until after a stellar first set from Braidstorm, all girl, two drums and one bass punk funk band. Like many all girl punk bands in their first stages, Braidstorm played slow, rhythmic punk with gang vocals for everything. I enjoyed seeing them. Seriously, they’re playing soon I think. Masters and Johnson rule so hard. I love those dudes. This was the first time since their bassist, Spencer Sult (Generifus) left the band. It was just as good as usual though, rhythmic, odd tuned guitar work and amazing drums. I cannot stress enough how good this band is. If you haven’t seen them, they are 16 years old and they are already the best band in the city. Go see them. ASAP. Talbot Tagora play a lot of shows. They’re really really good though, and I never get tired of seeing them. This show was great, but I was tired. Sorry about the lack of visuals.

Ben Funkhouser is a former KEXP programming intern turned weekly columnist. He his column, Oh, Messy Life, will focus strictly on the all-ages music in Seattle. He also is the booking assistant at the Vera Project and writes for Public Access Media.

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