Where the Funny Matters: Week of Fun 2009

by Corbett Cummins
Photos Courtesy Dartanion London and Week of Fun

January is a slow and funky month in Seattle. Its like the credit card bills, embarrassing pictures and extra pounds from the holiday season accumulate into a 31 day long storm front that rains down cold, soggy apathy until the nearest bar or club seems about as close by as Neptune. Comedians are especially vulnerable, as many of them are capable of ringing up December hangovers that last until March.

However, there is no rest for the funny, thanks to Dartanion London and the Week of Fun. The Week of Fun is a marathon of comedy and Dartanion should be commended for running it year after year. Dartanion co-founded the event 3 years ago with his friend Hari Kondabolu when they bought the heart of the Stranger’s editorial staff, which was being sold as part of Strangercrombie, the papers annual philanthropic fire sale. Once procured, they forced the staff to put Week of Fun events all over the Stranger Suggests page thus insuring their success. Dartanion has been pulling the same stunt ever since.

The first night of the Week of Fun took place at Capitol Club, with a special edition of Cracked-Up, Solomon Georgio’s and James Parkinson’s bi-weekly comedy showcase. The venue was packed to standing room only. The hilarious and soundly inappropriate show featured Nicole Lucas, Jessica Strauss, Jesse Case and headliner Richard Bain.

Richard Bain

One thing that makes Cracked-Up stand out is a segment called Diary Wars. In it, two comedians read fake excerpts form each other’s diaries. In Solomon’s own words, it is a contest in which “nobody wins.”

Solomon and Danielle in a War of Words

The Second Night of the Week of Fun was the Lo-Ball double feature held at Live Girls Theater in Ballard.

Sketchball, the first show, featured the Cory and Doug Show, an improv/sketch comedy duo and the Super Mega Art Show featuring Graham Downing and Dartanion London as a pretentious artist and a smoking whale (respectively).

Doug and Cory

Doug and Cory

They were followed by the Fresh Faces Showcase. The show, which was hosted by Brain Boshes and featured John Gardner, Nicole Lucas, Jessica Strauss, Jesse Wyrick, Ryan Cuddihy, Ross Parsons, Heather Christianson and Danielle Radford may be one of the more important parts of the Week of Fun. While there was no official Fresh Faces show last year, many of the young comedians that turned out, people like Solomon Georgio, Xung Lam, and the nights host Brian Boshes went on to win awards, features and even festivals. So it will be interesting to see what this years cast of new faces will go on to do.

Super Mega Art Show

The Week of Fun continues on through Wednesday!

Monday Night (tonight), it will be at the Rendezvous (2322 2nd Ave Seattle (206) 441-5823) with the Show and Tell Show featuring trained stand-up comedians doing anything but stand-up comedy. Promoter Paul Merrill says to “expect… uncontrollable weeping.”

Tuesday the 27th it will be at the Sunset Tavern (5433 Ballard Ave NW) to bear witness to the last night of Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke’s uniquely violent and funny “Entertainment Show.”

The final night, Wednesday the 28th will be at Chop Suey (1325 E Madison St, (206) 324-8000,) for the triumphant return of Laff Hole, the People’s Republic of Komedy’s flagship production.

For more information check out www.weekoffun.com!

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