Review Revue: Danielle Dax – Jesus Egg That Wept


Hello, and welcome to another installment of Review Revue, where I bring the sinister machinations of college radio DJs in the 1980s and 1990s (mostly) into the light of day. Or something.

This week we will be looking at Jesus Egg That Wept, the second solo album by Danielle Dax. Dax, whose creative career is now in its fourth decade, is a fascinating, perhaps a bit mysterious, figure. Why did she change her name from Gardner to Dax? What has she been up to since 1995, when her last album was released? And why does everyone on her Myspace top friends’ list have animated profile pics? (Seriously, don’t go there if you have epilepsy.)

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but the KCMU folks circa 1985 knew one thing: Danielle Dax is awesome!

“Neat-o record from Danielle Dax. Quite a variety of styles — so don’t judge this record after one cut.”

“Danielle is FAB! She’s an artist, actress, and has also been on Fripp’s ‘League of [Gentlemen].'”

“Former Lemon Kitten! Her debut LP is amazing. This is also…”

“Bouncy and melodic new music. Try ‘Pariah.'”

“This is not bouncy new music, but, it is incredible. Beautiful photo.”


“What can I say? Mixed revvies.” [Allow me to say thumbs down right here on “revvies” as an abbreviation of “reviews.”]

“Kinda cool. Definately [sic] alternative!” [This being 1985, the use of “alternative” might have actually meant something at the time. Kind of like calling things “indie” ten years ago.]

“Oh boy oh boy oh boy wow.”

“‘The Spoil Factor’ keeps playing on the end groove, too.” [See here for some interesting tidbits on lock-grooves. Very useful for the DJ scrambling to find another track to play, or in need of a bathroom break.]

“This is one record that actually deserves to be in ‘H.'”

“‘Hammerheads’ rocks!”

“‘Fortune Cheats'”


“Yes — Yes — more of this kind of stuff in H.”

“Not bad, but this could never be great. Oh well.”

“But it already is.”

And one late entry: “1990 and still as good as ’85.”

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