2009 Spring Membership Drive: Removing the Hex

by Leesa Schandel, Director of Development

We just came off a super sassy weekend — it’s the KEXP 2009 Spring Membership Drive, so things are steroidal around here. I think I’ll have a pretty awesome week, if Friday and Sunday nights are any indication.

Friday, Leon gave me a tiny airplane bottle of Jack Daniels, so I have my own special secret flask, in case I need a nip of that mother’s little helper in the coming days. He also let me have the Leon shrine for the week, to bring me luck! This is an articulated shrine — Leon’s legs shimmy!


And Sunday was quite a day! We started with a few of us being ripped from our beds by a technical glitch with the KEXP support pages on the website. It turns out that some kind of power outage in the mid-west caused the upheaval. A slew of people in Seattle and a bunch of folks somewhere in Texas scrambled around for several hours to figure out.

I swear on my mother that EVERY SINGLE KEXP DRIVE either the phones or the web go on the fritz — and the entire building goes into freak mode. I truly believe that someone has put a hex on us. Tomorrow I am bringing in a smudge stick and a rattle to exorcise our demons.

By noon Sunday, we were in full effect, and the day breezed by with lots of love flowing in and out of the studios! And then, at 5:10pm the day turned surreal when some well-fragranced, highly-coiffed ladies showed up for a radio interview with someone that no one at the station knows. And then a few more ladies and their “handlers” stopped by, too! It turns out that it was a trade mission from the World Bikini Football League — who have big plans for an exciting reality TV show, we learned. It took a while to sort it all out, but in the end we understood that they were to be performers in an upcoming hip hop show that was being featured on Street Sounds. Of course, DJ B-Mellow (our unsuspecting host) suavely handled the whole situation and put together a great show featuring this enthusiastic cast of characters.

All weekend things went swimmingly with our hard working DJs who poured their hearts out. About 600 people made gifts to the station over the weekend, starting the year out on a great foot for the big ol’ world of music lovers who listen to KEXP. You can power KEXP, too! Make your gift today at KEXP.ORG.

I Power KEXP

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