2009 Spring Membership Drive: Who are the people in your neighborhood?

by Leesa Schandel, Director of Development

I’m sad that everyone who participates in KEXP membership drives can’t be in the building with us. It’s just a really cool, sort of indescribable happy and supportive vibe. You just really really feel like you’re among YOUR peeps. So, here’s a bit about some of your peeps.


LOUIE: This morning’s espresso was made for me by a very sweet guy from Zoka Coffee, Louie. Yesterday, Louie asked me if I’d had my tea for the day, yet. When I said I was ready for my second cup, he said, “Let me make your tea for you, Leesa.” Louie takes care of everyone, and we love him. He can make many different kinds of pretty shapes on the top of your latte. That kind of talent goes far in Seattle.


KRISTIN: We’ve had a group of massage therapists at the station. At the end of the Afternoon Show, yesterday, I stood behind a curtain in the live room, stripped down, jumped on a heated massage table, and let Kristin do her magic. Literally the BEST massage I’ve ever had, she’s really good. It was a bit strange to be naked in the room where some of my longtime rock star crushes have performed, but I went with it. This group of massage professionals transformed the live room so that it was unrecognizable — soft lighting (including one of those lights that look like a big ass crystal), that massage music that they always have, awesome smelling lotions and oils, Nepali wall hangings… they had it all. Somehow our faux leopard fur couch fit in just right.


NATHAN: Nathan volunteers at the front desk. Nathan could run the place. Yesterday, there was a freak out when the water cooler stopped dispensing water (that’s bad for Louie’s portable espresso maker, so that’s bad for everyone). Rischel, who takes care of the building, was getting her massage at that point so couldn’t take a minute to look at it. Next thing I know, Nathan is down under the sink, assuming the plumber position (but sparing us the plumber rear exposure), following water lines around the kitchen. He finds that the cold water works, but the hot water reserve is empty…Is the pump broken? Is the heating coil on the fritz? What happens if the water cooler dude can’t come out to fix it in time for tomorrow’s Morning Show? Oh, woe is us! No! Wait! The espresso maker just sucked up the hot water and it’s refilling. Tragedy averted and Nathan is off to fix the copy machine or the hvac or the generator.


ANDREW: Andrew is the very capable right hand man to Kevin Cole. This week, Andrew is running the phone room during Cheryl’s show. He’s amazingly enthusiastic, and the cutest thing you’ll ever see when he’s cheerleading in the pledge room (he just jumped in the air and yelled out “$500, yea,” as a matter of fact). He’s very polite. Yesterday, he took me aside to the ice chest and asked, “Leesa, as the pledge room supervisor, am I entitled to have one of these waters?” I looked at him sternly and said, “How many have you already had today, Andrew?” He said, “I haven’t had any.” “Well okay, then,” I replied, straight-faced. Cutie-pie! I don’t know all the details, but Andrew has some sort of mustache bet going on. He, himself, called said mustache “creepy.” If we end the drive on Friday having met our goal, he shaves it off. If not…well…I shudder to think.

It’s been a great week. About 2,000 people have donated. We’ve heard from folks from around the planet — someone from Hong Kong CALLED into the pledge room, for crying out loud! If you haven’t made a gift, please show your solidarity with KEXP staff and help us reach our goal so that Andrew comes to work clean shaven on Monday morning.

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  1. Matt
    Posted March 5, 2009 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

    Andrew, I don’t know if you know this but your mustache makes you look like Quagmire from Family guy, diggity, diggity!!!

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