Review Revue: Prudence Dredge – Special Shovel


If there’s one thing I’ve learned here on Review Revue, it’s not to go posting about bands from Seattle’s history about which I know absolutely nothing. And yet, here I am again, with this week’s band, Prudence Dredge. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

Prudence Dredge, like another band I’m not going to mention here, is very tricky to find information about on the Internet. One thing I found is that in 1988 they won a Northwest Area Music Association Award for their single “Detroit City Rock,” which, I think, is on this very record we’re sharing with you today. So how about that! Sadly, that Association — not unlike this band — appears to now be defunct. Ah well. As with many albums, the KCMU staff seem to have been quite divided on this one.

“Rockin’ Dredge. Mudhoney with horns.”

“The resemblance to Mudhoney escapes me. Why is this in H? Yawnn.”

“Perhaps it’s supposed to be a joke. [The Mudhoney comment, not the music.] Besides, it’s nice to hear something from Seattle that doesn’t have grungy guitars in it.”

“Excellent varied album.”

“Is this [Prudence Dredge member] Joey Kline as a baby? Did he really ever grow up?”

“Have you?”

“No, the baby is Mela Erickson. See inside liner notes.”

“Get this out of H please! It bites the root!”

“Absolutely. This has such a lame sound & the songwriting barely qualifies for amateur status. A local record to be filed, not supported.”

“You are a dick. Elitist snob. You have no friends. Shut up and go play some of your ‘cool’ music. Have a suck day.”

See, maybe it’s just me, but I think what KEXP is missing today is the DJs making personal attacks on each other. I think they’re all just way too nice and friendly. I mean, how awesome would it be if one morning Cheryl just said “John, you are a dick and an elitist snob, and you have no friends. Shut up and go play some of your ‘cool’ music.” Somethin’ to think about.

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  1. Joe Davenport
    Posted July 3, 2011 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

    Well let see, Prudence Dredge gave rise to Joey Kline’s solo and Squirells career. You can also directly lint to Manooghi Hi from Prudence. Oh and heck my wife was part fo teh crowd shot for the Detroit Rock City video which was shot a the long defunct “Squid Row” a couple of blocks west of SCC. the stage was so low the director had everyone kneel to make it sorta look right.

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