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Pounding Serfs

This week’s installment of Review Revue brings us Anacortes’s own Pounding Serfs and their self-titled LP, which was the fourth record released on the mighty K Records. I had never heard of this group (which features Jon Lunsford, brother of Beat Happening guitar player/Knw-Yr-Own founder Bret Lunsford) before pulling this record out, but the healthy debate played out on the cover inspired me to share it with you, my loyal readers. Enjoy!

“I know that some people will think this deserves rotation because it’s a local (relatively speaking) record and it’s on K. I disagree. This LP shouldn’t exist; the music + lyrics have been done a trillion times before and, no, there’s no “magic” that makes this LP worthwhile in spite of those problems. LIBRARY.”

“Has that minimalist K sound & a singer who reminds me of Ron from Love Battery, but the songs aren’t especially memorable.”

“From good ol’ Anacortes WA! Bryan + Dale were in The Few and you can really tell on cuts like 2.5. This is rock with an acoustic bent that some people would label ‘folk’ rock. But don’t let that scare you away, there is some good stuff here. 1.5, 1.1, + 2.4 are all worth a spin. But don’t limit yourself to just those as the rest are My-T-Fine.”

“This LP was recorded over a year ago and if the songs on the Sore Optimists cassette comp. are any indication the Pounding Serfs are becoming a lot more electric in their sound these days.”

“Well, whaddaya know… Before Bryan + Dale were in the Few, they were part of the 1st Anacortes Punk Rock Band, The Spoiled. John Lunsford was formerly in Public Service, another Anacortes Punk Rock band. Sometimes I think these guys spend too much time out in the woods, but this has its charms. And ‘Bigfoot’ rocks.
-Yer resident Anacortes rock scholar
P.S. John [sic] is Brett [sic] of Beat Happening’s little brother.”

“Gee. I never knew.”

“John is taller.”

“Gravel Road Girl is a lot of fun!”

“I’ll give it an 82 [on a scale of…?]. Has a great beat and you can stare at the cover for a while.”

“But can you dance to it?”

“A good effort that slams you around when you need it most. I like this.”

Responses ranging from “this LP shouldn’t exist” to “I like this”? An unexpected treasure trove of the history of punk rock bands in a small seaside town? References to obscure cassette compilations? Check, check, and check. Must be college radio!

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