Thursday News Threads

Taís Melillo

  • Woodstock, equal parts ’69 phenomena and ’90s nightmare, may get another chance this year for its 40th anniversary. In order the get the go-ahead, promoter Mike Lang has until the end of the month to raise $8-10 million for the event, which would take place at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Lang hopes to recreate the feeling of the original festival by bringing in acts who were there, as well as similar contemporaries.
  • Come September, many Beatles fans will finally get what they’ve been waiting for — the band’s entire studio output is being remastered. Apparently each disc will feature a mini documentary concerning its making, and of course, a few bundle packages are to be released as well. September 9 will also mark the release of The Beatles: Rock Band.

Brandon Flowers

  • The other day, Brandon Flowers of The Killers told reporters that Kurt Cobain and grunge took the fun out of rock and roll, and that The Killers are way better than Kings of Leon. In similar news, looters have presumably made off with hundreds of millions of dollars from Cobain’s estate. Courtney Love’s sobriety is credited with the finding.
  • Apparently, Sir Mix-A-Lot is into square butts now. The rapper contributed a rework of his famous song, Baby Got Back, to the most recent Burger King commercial. That’s right, the fast food chain is now using SpongeBob and images of big butts to sell its product. It’s unclear who is creepier, Burger King or Mix-A-Lot, after the rapper says booty is booty. I hope he was paid well.

  • The late synthesizer inventor Bob Moog is to get a museum honoring his work. A planned 6000-square-foot facility is still years off due to necessary funding, but will inevitably be rooted near downtown Asheville, NC, where Moog manufacturing has long taken place.
  • It seems the new pricing scheme on iTunes was a ploy to raise the price of most songs. Songs going for less than the original 99 cents are few and far between while tracks at $1.29 are rampant. Right around the time iTunes made the switch, Amazon UK slashed prices on many of its best-selling tracks in an attempt to gain those disenfranchised by Apple’s new model. Where do musicians factor into all this?
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