Review Revue: The Walkabouts – See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens


It seems like every week here on Review Revue I’m saying how old a band or record is, and how crazy that is, so apologies if I’m starting to sound like a broken record (ha!), but… this year marks 25 years since The Walkabouts became a band. Isn’t that crazy? They started here in our fair city in 1984, and 25 years, several personnel changes, and well over a dozen albums later, they are still going strong (even, perhaps, a bit stronger now that Walkabout Terri Moeller’s other band Transmissionary Six has called it quits and her bandmate Paul Austin has joined the Walkabouts fray).

See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens was the band’s first full length record – and in a nice little connection to our installment a couple weeks ago, it was released by PopLlama Records, who have also been home to the Posies. They’d already been playing around for a few years, and had released a couple EPs, so doubtless this wasn’t the first exposure the KCMU DJs had had to the band. Let’s see what they had to say, shall we?

“Another facet of the Seattle Club Sound. This is quite a nice album. some of the tracks are significantly stronger than others. You find them, OK? Cover done by that nice gent, Ben Thompson.”

“A lot better than I expected.”

“H, please!”

“A nice album. My work prevents me from commenting further.”

“H, yes! Check out ‘Breakneck.'”

“Superb. Walkabouts have made an inconspicuous [illegible]… ta-da!”

“I like the Walkabouts but I’m surprised by how fast I got bored of this album.”

“The Walkabouts tend to play the darker more cryptic side of folk-rock dirge stuff. New album someday soon. Much better than the last one!”

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