Agitated Atmosphere: Long Legged Woman – Nobody Knows This Is Nowhere

As major labels continue to exist behind the times, artists and labels with little capital and lesser reputations are producing some of the most innovative, interesting, and inspiring music. Whether it’s creating a new niche in digital technology or looking to once-obsolete formats, Agitated Atmosphere hopes to shed a bit of light and share a bit of information on the up and coming sounds of artists such as Long Legged Woman.

When you were young, you probably fell into one of two camps: the right side or the wrong side of the proverbial tracks. Though the sides rarely got a clean view of the other in their youthful rampages, you could bet the mothers livin’ the good, clean life on the right side were quick to warn of mingling with the wrong side — after all, what good has come from trailer parks, dilapidated ghettos, and the lower class? I tell you what the dark side has given us: filthy, disgusting, sexually-charged rock and roll. If you’ve been avoiding the other side of town for fear of what lies beyond the railroad tracks, then allow the San Francisco-by-Athens Long Legged Woman show you what you’ve been missing.

On the Pollen Season release, Nobody Knows This Is Nowhere, Long Legged Woman cleverly amalgamate all things rightfully wrong. Rather than rely on a host of psychedelic-based tricks to ramp up the volume, LLW crank up the fuzz and the classic rock licks. These are boys who, despite existing in the land of R.E.M. and Elephant 6, create a brand of distorted rock bliss that would have everyone from Skynyrd to Crazy Horse smiling ear to ear. Aside from the prototypical jaunt to Haight-Ashbury (“Psych Jam”), each Nobody track is a quick fist, landing precisely against your temple. The goal of Nobody is to knock you out with each song; a skill LLW displays in spades.

Long Legged Woman – Raccoon in a Coon Skin Cap

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The true gift given onto us throughout Nobody Knows This Is Nowhere is imperfection. LLW is about delivering thunderous riffs and heavy licks and damned doing it with the precision that is hallmark to mainstream indie. It’s the same reasoning behind Australian garage rock from likes of The Terminals and xNoBBQx gaining traction in cultish circles. People are always on the lookout for music that fits the mood, not only of their daily lives but the overarching emotional tide of society and Long Legged Woman find that pitch. Nobody Knows This Is Nowhere, in the face of its crunchy exterior, hides a scary truth — a rocking, drug-infused, confusing truth.

Justin Spicer is a freelance journalist who also runs the webzine, Electronic Voice Phenomenon. He writes the Monday News Mash-Up and Thursday edition of Song of the Day for the KEXP Blog.

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