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Chris Blakeley


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Tonight at Neumos, join KEXP DJ’s John Richards and Michele Myers for the long-awaited return of the John In The Morning At Night Show with special musical guests Pela, KEXP favorites Throw Me The Statue, the special return of U.S.E and Brooklyn indie-rockers Iran!

As they prepared for tonight’s show, we asked Seattle band U.S.E to answer five questions:

1) Tell us everything you’ve done in the past 24 hours? Leave out the really dirty stuff…

Partied, bbq’ed, rode bikes, partied, slept, layed out on hammocks, practiced and created rock ‘n roll. Brushed teeth, lost $3,500 at poker, made paper airplanes, talked to weird people in China Town, crashed our whips after filling them w/ premium petro. Saw Animal Collective in P-town, met Panda Bear, and felt like a 13 yr old superfan for 3 hrs driving home to Seattle. Karaoked, used table saw.

2) You guys have been a longtime supporter of KEXP, we remember you playing our BBQ back when it was in our parking lot! That says a lot. What does KEXP mean to you?

And we remember playing KEXP with our other band Wonderful, back when it was in Jack Straw studios!

Oh how far you have come, Mr. and Mrs. KEXP.

That BBQ is often talked about because there was free beer, cheetos and some kind of veggie tofurkeyducken pork blast. It tasted like a trucker dump, but it was a free trucker dump.

DJ Riz keeps us in expandified w/ Expansions, and we really appreciate the focus on local music. KEXP is so involved in Seattle and beyond. The care you put into the play lists, and the humorous bumper banter between songs keeps an element to it that isn’t annoying like the media.com stations who have extremely loud commercials and morning show dj’s that turn the bass EQ up on their voices, all the while screaming out big piles of arbitrary minutia like “HEY BOOMER DID YOU SEE THAT THE EX-BASS PLAYER FROM TONIC FELL OUT OF HIS TREE HOUSE YESTERDAY!? HAHHAHA, STUPID TONIC EX-BASS PLAYER! ALRIGHT NOW WE’RE GONNA TAKE A CALL FROM A RANDOM TREE HOUSE SPECIALIST!”

3) Name 3 other bands or artists that you can’t live without.

3? Dude, that’s impossible. Since we all can’t decide we will say any band that inspires us and creates a sense of collective love and energy is something we can’t live w/out. Also, discovering new things in the music no matter how many times we listen to an album or see a band live.

4) What’s the craziest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

  • Amanda falling.
  • Amanda playing a small, plastic toy saxophone when we opened for Sir Mix-a-Lot. Actually, this falls into the “Most awesome-est thing in the history of ever.”
  • Noticing that Derek was missing from the stage, so we called him and he picked up while pee-ing in the restroom. Keep in mind this was on our first tour, and there was only the sound guy and his bored ex-girlfriend in the audience. Not even the opening band or the homeless guy stuck around.
  • Having a band member (Noah) strip to his U.S.E tighty whiteys on stage.

5) What are you looking forward to for the rest of 2009?

Our new album L O V E W O R L D finally dropping! Sippin’ on yac, bbq-ing, camping, going to beaches, touring and drinking Red Bull, more recording and finishing albums by The Catch, Wonderful, more U.S.E, Nite Dance, magnificent_machine, Thieves of Kailua, and the other solo projects from our other members who don’t really have cool names yet.

Also finishing inventing these things: a newer improved cowbell that tastes like butterscotch, hotter fire and sweat powered guitar amps that when you play them sweat comes out. That last one is gonna take lots of R&D.

*The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the entire pedigree of U.S.E, and all written words are non-binding.

Doors open at 8pm, tickets are $18 presale and $20 day of. Advance tickets can be purchased at Ticketswest.com, Ticketswest Outlets, and Neumos Box Office.

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