Summer Membership Drive: The Lists!


The Phone Room has a life of its own during drives. It’s kind of like being present at a birth. It’s a really magical altered state of consciousness and reality. It is all consuming. Everyone in the room is focused on the broadcast booth and the hourly journey we take with the DJs. I bet it’s kind of like being in labor and giving birth every hour for 8 days straight — without the pain, and not quite as joyous, obviously. Exquisite anticipation followed by the satisfaction of having created something miraculous. It’s so intense in that room that every single drive volunteers ask the KEXP Ladies of Development what we do in our jobs when there aren’t drives, wondering what else there could be to do the other 49 weeks a year, outside of that room.

The Ladies and the volunteers always find time to bond around stuff during the few minutes we have between answering phones and downing cupcakes. One grand tradition was started by Joe, a regular drive volunteer who has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and whose favorite DJ is Stevie Zoom, he’s an engineer who works right down the street and walks to his volunteer shifts. He began creating lists, asking others in the Phone Room to share their favorites on any variety of topics. So, we create lists of all sorts of things. It’s pretty great to see the eclecticism reflected in those lists and I thought I’d share.

When you’re in that Phone Room, you really feel the commonality and communion among people who listen to KEXP. It’s a high that can’t be matched… and you are a key ingredient in that high. Please participate in the 2009 Summer Membership Drive. Help re-create that feeling for those of us who hold down the drive fort in the Phone Room and make your gift, today! And please share your favorites with us, if you’d like, here!




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