Summer Membership Drive: The People Who Power KEXP… in their own words


Thanks to the 3,271 individuals who powered KEXP during the Summer Membership Drive. It was an inspiring drive filled with moving testimonials, friendly battles between neighborhoods (congrats, West Seattle), and even clucks and moos. You are the heart behind the music of KEXP. Because of that, we wanted to share a few of our favorite donor stories with you.

“I got laid off in February right before the last pledge drive and was too anxious to pledge at the time. However, throughout this week I have been examining my hesitation to pledge and thinking about money, fear, and mindful spending. I am a believer in KEXP and that giving is a part of prosperity — so here goes, my donation (although minimal) is my signal to the universe that with mindful spending, I can use our money for the things that matter and align with our goals. Thanks for all of your hard work and being such a big part of the Seattle community” — Amy, Seattle

“I am a musician and music teacher. It is always encouraging for me to hear you playing new, original fantastic music. It is a daily musical education for me and a great source of inspiration. As a composer I am always nervous that there is no longer a place for new and different music. KEXP assures me every day that not only is there a place for it, but there are a bunch of people wanting to listen to it. How great is that?! I hope one day I will hear my music on your station, but regardless I will always listen and support you and all the musicians you support.” — Catherine, Australia

“This morning I renewed my support for KEXP for $500. Even after being laid off earlier this year, I made sure to include my donation to KEXP in my monthly budget. I am a KEXP addict. I have listened at home, in the car, streaming at work. I’ve VIP evented, BBQ’d, Bumbershooted and podcasted. I’ve even heard my friends’ bands played on the station. What a rush. If KEXP has offered it up, I’ve tried it. While not a fan of all the musical genres played, I enjoy being exposed to other artists and in the end I always walk away satisfied. I am not originally from Seattle, so maybe I am in a better position to appreciate this home-grown jewel. I know what it’s like to live in a world with limited exposure to really good music. People need to understand that this could happen here without their continued support of this station.” — Laura, Kenmore

You may have heard that we didn’t quite make our fundraising goal, so if you didn’t get a chance to make your gift last week, it’s not too late! Donate now, and your gift will count towards our goal. And, as always — thank you for powering independent music and KEXP!

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