Review Revue: Blake Babies – Sunburn


You know what’s weird? I grew up in Boston, and the years I was starting to get more into music from independent labels with electric guitars and such were the very years Blake Babies were most active around Boston. And yet… I never really listened to them. I heard their name all the time, and maybe heard a song here or there on WZBC or WHRB, and of course Juliana Hatfield ended up becoming more of a household name (at least in Boston), but for whatever reason Blake Babies were not a part of my collection. I’m listening to 1990’s Sunburn right now, and I probably would have dug it at the time: jangly guitars, earnest vocals, clever lyrics, just enough of an edge to feel somewhat “alternative.” Ah well, I guess it wasn’t to be. Luckily for the BBs, the music directors and DJs of college stations such as KCMU were paying more attention:

“Nice pop music with an edge. Very good lyrics on ‘I’m Not Your Mother.'”

“I never heard their much bally-hooed 1st LP. This is all pleasant enough sounding pop. A little in the vein of The Bats, though w/femal lead vocals and a little less delicacy. OK, but didn’t overwhelm me or anything.”

“Whether or not their first LP stank, their 2nd LP, Earwig, was GREAT (we have it on CD, too)… even if this softer sound doesn’t quite grab you, check out Earwig for a killer cover of ‘Loose.'”

“On second listen [this is by the same person who wrote the previous entry], I liked this as well as Earwig – their lyrics are cutting, the guitarist is well versed in the art of blues chords and they still rock hard when they want to. ‘I’m Not Your Mother’ — HOT.”

And now, enjoy this oh-so-1990 video for the song “Out There”:

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