Review Revue: Dead Kennedys – Bleed for Me


Hey everybody —

Happy almost-Fourth-of-July! It seems that with Independence Day being observed on a Friday, the whole week becomes a wash, so if you’re reading this from your place of work, I commend you on your dedication (well, sort of: what are you doing reading a blog when you should be working?).

Anyway, in honor of Our Great Nation’s Birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to share a record by one of the most patriotic, unabashedly America-Loving bands I could think of. Yes, that’s right: the Dead Kennedys. Why, they’ve even got a President’s name in their band name! And look, the cover of this record shows the fearless boys of the U.S. Army in action! (I think they’re probably dragging a mannequin to the Army Fashion Show.) Um… right?

All right, so maybe Jello and the boys aren’t exactly “love it or leave it” Toby Keith types, but you can’t say they’re not engaged citizens, unafraid to critique their government and exercise their First Amendment rights to the hilt. And what could be more American than that?

The single “Bleed for Me” was released in 1982, and its lyrics are a scathing indictment of U.S. foreign policy and its contribution to death squads and dirty wars across the globe. Having read up recently on U.S.-backed regimes in Argentina and the Dominican Republic, I can, sadly, vouch for the accuracy of this song’s harsh, terrifying lyrics. Without getting too preachy, here’s hoping that the habit of citizens to question our government’s actions is helping to move us in a more enlightened direction as a nation.

All right, enough of that: let’s all go drink some beer and watch stuff blow up!

“When are these guys going to put some content in their lyrics? All these songs about cars and girls are getting boring…”

“Now that the lyrics can be understood, these guys are very impressive.”

“These guys have always been impressive!”

“Yes, but not understandable.”


“What’s Understable?”

“Please, if you aren’t going to comment on the record instead of the reviewers, don’t take up valuable writing space as M.F. and I have done. Thank you.”

“OBJECTION OVERRULED!!” [Ah yes, all capitals and multiple exclamation marks. What better way to get one’s point across?]

“Guys. I bleed for you. And so does Jello. So stop your petty bickering, and start slamming! These are hot!”



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    On the subject of Dead Kennedys and the Units promo sent to KEXP, I was given a lot of rare, late-70’s punk flyers to scan and upload. Check regularly at and for a lot of rare 70’s and early 80’s flyers, calendars and news clippings.

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